Measured the effect of the old domain name ginger or old hot

domain name registration time is like 02 years later, people give up, 07 years and it was re registered, the domain name has not done any website, are some speculative domain people buy to sell to. Later, because want to do website security class domain name will be mine, a lot of money to buy it. With the phpcms system, the site has not yet formed, today saw PR, incredibly to 3. One of my two years of domain name PR has not risen so fast, you can see the benefits of the old domain name. There is a more strange phenomenon is that this domain name, Baidu, Google incredibly one page has not included, this time to Google PR phenomenon more confusing, the website details release, we see:


this phenomenon proved the benefits of the old domain name, second kinds of phenomena is puzzling, master to analysis.

website domain name China coal mine safety net

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