The role of brand words in brand building process

brand building is an enterprise must experience the process, so as the enterprise network publicity platform, enterprise website construction early also need to infiltrate the brand concept to the site. Some people may think that the brand building is a corporate job, as a small business, small workshop site, there is no need to write website brand word, because as long as there is a website ranking, click the industry will bring a lot of words.

In fact, this view is wrong and

, we can analyze what kind of keywords, the highest conversion rate? There is no doubt that is the brand, the brand is that search search already has a certain brand awareness; secondly, any search volume is large in the industry, the industry must be the key the most intense competition, the difficulty of optimization is much higher compared to the brand word. Could someone will say, do not deny that the quality of the brand is very high, but a web page title so few words, and join the brand word, than to write some words as target words in industry, natural than brand high price.


head is the conclusion is extremely irresponsible, with my company, we are engaged in network marketing outsourcing company, we all know that target keywords of a website is generally set in 5 within, of course, a large high weight website is another story. So, carefully written web titles, even if added to the brand words are also sufficient, such as in the following figure of our company’s title, the target keywords do not want to match exactly. If the website title blindly repeat target keyword, but is easy to be considered as keyword search engine stack.


also, unlike the industry brand word word, today you row up there down the rankings, tomorrow will be paralyzed, words are only temporary, but the brand word strength may accumulate, below is a certain period of time, I stood before a few of the keywords ranking flow.


visible, as a brand word "day" can bring traffic is not low, even in front of my station for a period of time when the right to drop. This is the biggest advantage of brand words, you can maintain a number of Web sites loyal users through brand words.

brand is synonymous with enterprises, no brand enterprise is not doing, so brand building is also an important part of website optimization, is to improve the user experience an important part. This article by the network marketing company original A5 first, reprinted please indicate the source.

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