What kind of website has more exuberant vitality

what is more vitality of the web form? I have to say about what is the vitality of the site, at the beginning of the people think "profit model" is the vitality of the site, then we think remember the word meaning extension of profit model is too large, unable to perform. And the flow of the site is often more profitable, because he attracted many people’s attention, attracted the eye, so people began to "flow" as the vitality of the site, the emergence of "eyeball economy."". But the flow is still a big proposition, the flow of many reasons for the promotion, such a word can only be said to be a form of success of the site, he is only a result, but can not be regarded as vitality.

I think vitality is the source of power and the foundation for better development of the website. Specific to the form of expression is how to better attract users, improve traffic and bring profits, which should be studied from the user’s browsing needs and how to meet this demand. Those who leave these basic things, and talk about the surface of the site, content, forms are empty talk.

network is a kind of media, TV media is one of the most we see, I’ll talk about a little while watching TV examples, I remember our village is only a TV, the entire village of people go there to watch TV, when we watch TV or black and white, the demand is very simple watching tv. What he plays, we watch what, TV stations are little, every time open, watch a few channels fixed.

later, many TV stations, television began to have a choice, advertising does not like, boring Taiwan do not look at the time to see the program to see the announcement, only to watch their favorite taiwan.

heard that TV now has an appointment recording function, and even time is free, recorded when you want to see when to see.

The progress of

TV and the change of user’s habit of watching TV are basically because of the change of user’s demand. When the Internet was just beginning, users didn’t have any special purpose on the Internet. Just like when they just started to have TV, they just looked at a few websites (the portal appeared at this time, they had everything). Later, people slowly began to have higher requirements, I hope to see you want to see, because the knowledge structure of interest each person’s hobbies are not the same, so the main contents of the website also began to learn the news, subdivision, shopping, entertainment, commercial, tools, games, and seeking to communicate AC, fresh and exciting. (industry professional website website began to appear) now website subdivision is not enough, can according to their own advantages in the subdivision and then some effort, in fact, as long as in any segments of a boss, success is not far away from you.

website vitality lies in the form and not in the form, because different time, user needs are different, as long as you can go with the time to meet the needs of users, the site will have vitality. In the end, the website is built by people, maintained by people, updated, developed and changed by people

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