Web site novice question should resign 2

in the previous article we said 3 reasons about the operation of novice resigned, many novice buddy message feeling very big, in fact, the original intention of writing this article is to help the website operation novice friends can have a reference condition when encountered similar problems. After all, some people think the resignation not so light, if there is a clear occupation planning, so deliberate resignation may help you to continue to progress, wages may also be improved, but if just above the subjective discomfort, resigning from idea, can let you go a lot of unnecessary detours. Well, in this article, let’s move on to the topic above.


or the old rules, we put up our doubts, then one by one, if you are a novice friend, coincidentally also encountered similar problems, hopes the following advice to you can let your inspiration:

1, the interview is about the operation, you can finally arrange things for me too narrow, can not touch other things;

2, small companies can not learn things, want to go to large companies to see;

3, now the company to pay a bit low, want to find a higher point;

Question Behind: and their original positioning gap is great, can not enhance their own

more than a friend asked me this type of problem, in general and a description of the problem I want to find myself almost, originally is the site of operation work, but the company found himself assigned other jobs, or just a small part of an operation in the moment his big drop, resigning from the idea, but do not know what is right;

in fact, I usually give advice to small partners in several ways:

1, do you have a complete idea of the operation project?

is your current state if alone to give you a project, your head has a complete operational ideas, such as your users are, need to use what kind of method to promote drainage, and how users interact, how to collect operation data etc..

if you do not have such a complete idea, my advice to you is not anxious to resign, first learn, the idea of Le, if hastily resigned, even if one gives you a project, you can not bear, instead, to their own basic skills as. In the current company. Wait for you to grasp the operation of the system, and think about whether you can find a new company to practice.


2 and dry simple work that is repetitive?

if you now have a complete operational thinking, that kind of situation described in the problem, for example, your job is limited in a small, and are simple and repetitive work, to expand your overall knowledge.

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