Successful webmaster in fact everyone can do

what is success, a lot of people on the definition of success is very fuzzy, Ma is successful, Robin Li is successful, Ding Lei is successful, of course, there are a lot of people are successful, you said that Wu is not successful, I personally think that I was successful, because I gave my self localization has failed high, so webmaster mentality to put level, goals must be clear, it is easy to you to locate their success to.

I was born in Guangxi, Guangxi in all aspects of the economic level is relatively backward, so my own position is not high, because I have a unit, a fixed monthly income, and the income is good, but I did not reach the standard of success, my success is a monthly income of ten thousand. This in Guangxi is good, so my salary did not meet this requirement, I have to go from the network for success (my network is my favorite, is my main source of income), now a month in addition to salary, I also do 8 enterprise website SEO, I can accept 500/ month average enterprise, which is 4000 of the income, on hand also operates several garbage station, by GG advertising revenue was the cost, about 1000/ months, also operates a portal information station, advertising can also receive a 3000 or so, plus my salary every month, suddenly Break 10000, in fact, I think I have succeeded, some friends may say very envious, but all of these are years of time to boil over, and hard can only have experience,.

so I hope you haven’t target owners to set their own targets (not too high, too high to reach will hit confidence, with the goal of the webmaster) to reach, remember, not too many skills, perseverance, forever, don’t give up halfway.

source: Guangxi Wu SEO training


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