Summarize the problems of medical websites in popularization


first of all, the promotion of medical websites is important to understand what we should push

I think in medical website promotion, we love the most, a mistake can most easily make is generally first big promotion information such as concrete disease disease causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention and harm take what I do now Beijing No.466 Hospital hair implant center as an example, we can make more detailed understand, if vigorously promote hair, hair, hair and other sequelae, but do not know if you have not found, in fact such information is almost not transformed, you may do so for a long time is in the "public" or "medical science" to make contributions to the cause of. Of course, it does not mean that the word "disease" will not be pushed at all. But remember, do not use too specialized medical terms. Be sure to shift your mind to many more and summarize how the patients will search in general. Finally, learn to analyze and evaluate.

so, what should we push what information? Of course, the website brand word is the name of the target keywords first hospital Beijing No.466 Hospital hair transplant center and site, how much hair these long tail keywords clear purpose, but as far as I know, everybody seems to be in its efforts are not enough. As for why we should focus on this aspect, I would like to make a transformation analysis of friends should be very clear, only this aspect of the word conversion rate is highest. For example, you through keyword analysis, that people used to search hair hair, how much money and other words, the first word is a word in the target user group of interest, the user may just want to know what hair and other information, but how much hair this search long tail keywords, it has already been stated that the user has a clear intention. As long as appropriate, will do. Conversion rate is obviously higher, when the competition ranking, this piece must be analyzed in more detail.

actually can imagine, when a person is in search of a reason, the symptoms of the disease, he may just want to know, and when he began to search for some kind of disease in the hospital, he has had to go to the hospital’s intention, this time as long as you feel very credible information to him, he of course, it is possible to directly find your hospital.

secondly, you need to know how to push

in the network promotion way, can be divided into pay and do not pay two kinds:

: 1, pay on the brand promotion, website keywords and target word, or the need to pay for some partners, such as the local portal, some high weight health websites, do not say first of these local information users but at least worthy of trust, good exposure, if you in completely unknown sites, even if written as if it were raining flowers what? Just for promotion, this may be the key way to promote the medical industry, but also most of the site traffic source. May be a lot of medical website optimization company often vexed, do optimization seems to no effect, in fact.

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