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Hello, everyone. I’m a nameless webmaster. I haven’t published any articles. I’ll read other people’s articles. I thought today, and share my experience. First of all tell you, my education level is suspended in primary school grade six, writing articles will not use what words, and now the biggest desire is to hope that comrades in arms can understand what I wrote – ha ha,

today, as usual, still in bed will open the computer to see the Xingtai forum |0319bbs search engines, there is a windfall today, Baidu included the guy I, in ten days, Baidu included me. GOOGLE site second days included released, YAHOO fifth days also put out. Is that guy Baidu regressed, December 16th was collected, 7 days later today to put out, just home out! You say he Niubi? I am satisfied with Baidu from the heart, foreign people GOOGLR very good to China webmaster, such as my own | forum in Xingtai, the number of articles it included the number, how kind ah? Baidu wants to make people more love you, you will be a lot of small owners in the collection. I’m talking a lot. Tell me about what I’ve done in the last 10 days –

1. I use Discuz! 7.0.0 forum, the 7 just came out, every Discuz! Official forum is very popular, a lot of dive, I also like to write my signature in Xingtai forum |, Discuz! The official forum of irrigation, which is often said that the stationmaster even


2., my Xingtai forum |0319bbs updated every day, can not say all of the original, at least half of the original. Remember, when you collect other web content, you should change the title at least.

3., I do is local forum, to Baidu local post bar and know a few articles of their own forum. Not only to the collection of benefits, but also bring a few, really IP. To kill two birds with one stone is necessary for the earth.

I think for a new station, do the above 3 steps on it. As for links and SEO, you’ll have to sort it out later, and here’s the most important time. Well, here you are. After a while get up, but also to update the Xingtai forum |0319bbs, Xingtai forum for the sake of the article to hold Baidu.

webmaster favorite phrase: "today will be very cruel, tomorrow will be cruel, the day after tomorrow will be very good, but most people will die in the evening,"

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