Website is always put the user experience in the first place

often listen to the webmaster friends around discussion website ranking is not changed, included is not increased?.

I think the website comprehensive ranking is the same as the stock index, there are ups and downs.

stocks, short-term behavior is speculation, speculation on the existence of high risk; similarly, garbage station, SEO cheating, ranked, short-term may benefit, but may also lose money.

has only a long term to show confidence in the stock. From an investment point of view, the stock market is only short-term speculative risk, there is no long-term risk. The same is true of websites, and if you are running a web site at 28, keep putting your enthusiasm and energy into it, and in time you will be rewarded handsomely.

has a lot of friends, every day staring at the rankings, included to see, and constantly optimize the site through the SEO, everything follows the search engine. But the effect is not obvious.

In fact,

website optimization is very simple, is to do, to do the service, the user experience in the first place, if you hold the service user’s mind, then search engines are naturally inclined to you, because the search engine’s aim is to give the best service to users; users, the real search results. Instead of trying to curry favor with the search engine, you can really curry favor with your users and give them valuable things.

so what we have to do is to provide the users with really useful information and help through our website.

website, always put the user experience in the first place.

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