Ten reasons for blogging

you know, it is difficult to stick to one thing, when you took one or two years to write blog found his blog or a little bit, readers or those few people, the basic income is zero, you are not considering whether to insist on it? I sorted out to look at the following blog ten


also, if you decide to give up blogging, you can look at my other article, ten reasons for giving up blogging. Anything is possible, but everything can be found.

insists on blogging for ten reasons:

1: blogging is like petty bourgeois life. If a person has a website, in the eyes of the experts, it is not worth mentioning, a little understanding of things, you can make a few stops. But the blog is not the same, can not write something is impossible, no point of knowledge is not good. In the eyes of outsiders, the blog is its own facade, your talent, your pride can be displayed through the blog. Therefore, if you write a blog as a petty bourgeoisie, you can enjoy your happiness, and you can enjoy yourself. But if you do a website like gold, success will be enviable. Failure will not make you feel compassion. The utilitarian mind is only a small part of a group of bloggers.

two: blogs make us feel confident. Find someone to chat online, not playing games, or talking about QQ. In fact, there is no self-confidence. Blogging makes me stand tall: I write blogs online. Oh. Blogging… That’s not what people can play with. Instead of indulging in online games, as his blog. It doesn’t matter if we don’t necessarily become a good blogger, nor do we necessarily have the potential to be good bloggers. Every blog has its redeeming qualities. All you have to do, or need to do, is to identify your reasons for blogging and the merits of your blog.

three: blogging is the home ownership scheme for gifted students. In an era without blogs, a gifted person is arrogant and likely to make a big show on the internet. But these can only be carried out in other people’s rules, or forums, or websites. This is somewhat inconvenient. Can have a place on the Internet, how many people have been dreaming of ah. Like me, a joke. Blogs do not need technology, and are needed by these talented people. When your wonderful articles are scattered around, it is pleasant if there is a place that can both assemble your wonderful and allow others to read it.

four: blog is a common paradise for civilians. Civilian peace and democracy, which in itself represents an inadequate emotion of the right to speak. When the elite and the media control the right to speak, and cover the facts and dominate the social voice, the blog gives us a place to speak, although the idea of smoke has not really come true. Look, I know that cigarette was intentionally written wrong.

five: blogs make us hopeful. That’s strange。 Actually, I don’t like the two words. When these two words appear, that means we haven’t succeeded yet. But that’s true. Blogs can only fill us with hope

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