Talking about the present situation and operation of webmaster service website from LOGO design stat

webmaster service website is dedicated to the webmaster’s Web site, such as common webmaster tools, LOGO production website, web page production material, website statistics, etc..

with the gradual popularization of the network, Internet users continue to join, more and more people have joined the ranks of the webmaster. And the crowd of stationmaster grows ceaselessly, also can extend the demand of stationmaster class user gradually gradually. So, there have been many websites dedicated to the webmaster. Face same stationmaster, same to the crowd of network familiar, this kind of website has its characteristic. Today from the LOGO design station to talk about the status and operation of such webmaster service station.

status quo: large and growing

The potential of the

webmaster service site is very large. For now, the market has been very large, and with the gradual popularity of the network will gradually increase. Let’s take a look at the search for LOGO designs, which have grown to over 2000 by two hundred or three hundred in the past few years. And the demand for other service web sites is growing as well.


and, as the market is huge, these services have gradually spread to Taobao, piggy bank and other trading websites, becoming one of the important columns.

status two: segmentation, professional

webmaster for various requirements is very high, because the web site as the main operator of the station, from design to data is the blood of the site. So, no matter what the demand, there are gradually professional web site. Gradually separated from the professional statistics sites, web sites, data query tools, websites, LOGO design sites, and so on.

webmaster service website, because of the above characteristics, also has its own unique way of operation.

operation 1: practical first,

webmaster circles are different from other Internet users. Casual browsing, casual browsing behavior is relatively small, usually for the purpose of demand for access to these sites. If you can solve the problem for the stationmaster, then you will succeed. To address the needs of owners, even if you put the key words do first is of no use. For example, LOGO design web site, you should have to help the webmaster usual LOGO design resources and ways.

operation two: free to charge more than grade

webmaster circle is also a high income gap between the level of the circle, high daily income of tens of thousands of, low, no money, lose money, have done. But even with different income, the services needed are about the same. Therefore, in order to take care of the needs of all levels, the service is generally designed according to the high and low end. Among them, the free is necessary, but also the most important. Of course, this should be based on the characteristics of your products to do, such as LOGO design, there will be like 55la that kind of free to generate pictures of the program. Free use >

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