Personal Adsense how to use long tail effect get rich returns

called the "long tail", said the effect is triggered by the "long tail theory", and "the long tail" is the long tail theory (The Long Tail) is a new theory of the rise of the Internet age, by American Chris · Anderson put forward, its main meaning is that simple terms in the modern market. Due to lower costs, when demand for goods and the demand for goods with a small share market share, the original demand for small commodities because there are still people who need to buy, occupy the market for the goods and sales of goods is compared and many, but the benefits are very rich. This theory makes people mad following the discovery of another had not noticed the huge business opportunities, it is not quite a number of seemingly small but sales are fixed market goods, management of this part of the market can bring benefits, not inferior to follow suit in the majority of people are in a competitive industry.

specific to do stand, as personal webmaster, actually we can take full advantage of the long tail effect, according to the connotation of this theory and thought, the way we do stand guidance, develop and enrich do stop thinking, not to conform to follow suit and some of the most popular stations in seemingly broad market competition through the real the income is not much. With my study and Practice on the long tail theory, in my opinion, as a personal webmaster can we make efforts in the following aspects, through thinking, planning, creative do stand to harvest their own wonderful.

first, according to the long tail effect, combined with personal circumstances, the site of the long tail positioning.

in order to give full play to the long tail effect, before the station, abandon the current has been made to various sites to flood, but the attention to some number of users is not very large, but the overall always demand market in such areas. After a preliminary screening of such areas, personal Adsense will be combined with the actual situation of the individual, for which specific areas of the site construction and operation conditions are more successful, more likely, focus on specializing in this field, once established, will be to concentrate on the station, intentnesses. To improve the quality of the stand up, so it can increase the chances of success in the future, in this volume is not a strong foothold in the market.

second, site quality is the decisive factor of long tail effect.

the long tail of the station building itself in the face of the audience based on the surface is smaller, so the premise in this market is not under as much as possible to improve the success rate, otherwise can do through the website profit is less and less. Therefore, the quality of the site will directly affect and affect the long tail effect of the situation. This requires not only from the webmaster website structure, column design do elaborate on the construction site, let users can see dedicated, professional and clear characteristics of the website in the visit, but also the need for the content of the web site to do careful and thoughtful arrangements and rich, so that users can from.

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