Taiwan United States to enjoy the choice of grilled chicken wings baked rice

recommend catering to join the project, no real skill Xiaobian dare not to take out the recommended, recommended to join the project must come up with absolutely convincing, do not know the investors for this franchise advantages are satisfied?

Taiwan Xia chicken baked rice, from Taiwan delicacy, since 2014 by the Oriental catering group introduced from Taiwan inland, invites a person of noble aspirations to join, the delicious spread on both sides of the Changjiang River. How about a grilled chicken wings?

three projects, the most relaxed dining mode

no Chef: standardized ingredients and equipment, so that chef useless, no matter who can cook delicious!

: no large modern integrated barbecue equipment, are now sold, Lidengkequ, without creating

go to war!

no smoke: Smokeless equipment, no professional flue design, so that the air inside the shop fragrance pleasant, no fear of fumes!

to save money to save, is to make money, so as to save more than


sets the United States to create five sweet province

a provincial space: mesa simple operation, do not need a kitchen, equipment occupied area greatly reduced, space use greatly enhanced!

two provinces decoration: save money do not save feeling!

three provinces expenditure: the procedure is simple, does not need the high technical staff, one person operation,

four salary: energy saving and environmental protection, energy saving!

five time: 1 days of learning, the day will be able to make money, save time and effort worry!

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