How do you stand in the right direction

has always been interested in computers, but it’s too late to get in touch with it, so that’s why it’s not very clear at the moment. Especially for the understanding of the network, perhaps only recently began to have some insights,

!From the beginning of

contact the Internet sites with love, not just look at the others content on a website, because it is not their own, playing again, seems to feel a little lost. Always want to do some of their own things, which also prompted their own slowly to the station has a certain interest.

has done a lot of websites before, and they are very similar themes, and now it seems that there is no future, the direction of choice is very childish. When people go to a program, see after doing things or things, think it is not understandable: then how silly? In fact, a lot of things step by step, much, much, to understand it deeply, and understand thoroughly.

it’s not an easy thing to do. After all, a lot of things have been accomplished over a few years. If there is no good direction, there is not a good model, then do, will not be interested, and will not have any motivation to adhere to. This is the biggest challenge for website making. Therefore, it is important to choose a suitable project.

didn’t understand it before, and thought it could be done as long as it liked, but after all, it would cost a lot of money and time to do so, and 90% didn’t pay off. How many people will be willing to hold on at this time?. It can be said that almost no, and the reason for all this, the most important thing is that did not find a suitable direction and objectives, there is no good profit model caused by. So, it’s not easy to succeed.

after long time consideration, I also think the profit model station, think it worth learning things very much, and then in the online search other website of this kind of mode, a comprehensive comparison, I choose to feel the direction of the. Because in the past has been doing some popular, no new ideas, it is difficult to have a profitable website, and done a lot, the final result is no confidence to stick to it, no more time and money invested, and then it will give up some things, all the pay is equal to 0.

this for us, is still relatively cruel, and pay no gains, who’s in the heart is not good, but do not want to give up. No way, only to find the direction and goals. After comprehensive consideration, I think to build a city trading platform (Wuhan City Trading:, is not only an information seeking platform, and integrated into a UCH program, Wuhan city friends. Because the SNS community website is well used, it can still focus on a lot of people. People can enjoy publishing information while publishing

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