Baidu included core skills

how to quickly increase Baidu included, I believe has been the majority of webmaster headaches. A website collection problem is one of the two core elements that we do SEO optimization. Beginning in October, Baidu adjusted the algorithm, the website content audit is more and more strict, new sites included frequency is less and less. Well, how can we make a large number of Baidu included in our web site? Nanping SEO here to share the core reasons for Baidu included surge.

1. Solving high quality content issues

first of all, we need to understand our website needs what kind of included, we need is high quality content included, can give the website bring flow and ranking, don’t garbage included. So we need to solve the high quality content and reach a certain amount.

what is high quality content,


high quality content is a relative concept, not an absolute concept. High quality content and original content, high quality content and scarcity of content, high quality content and timeliness of the content.

eg. two hotels, prices, services and so on are the same, one of the prices down, then it is equal to the cost of this house to enhance, and naturally go to this hotel more people.

How does

II mass produce high quality content?

what we mean by high quality is not the quality, but the added value of the article. Add a small element in the original content, and this element is the needs of users, so we better than the competition content a little bit, the added value is higher, which are scarce, this is the content of high quality. We do the original content of the core, is to enhance the user experience, so only the original and ignore the needs of users, is wrong.

eg. now the tea shop, we went to drink the tea can see on the wall of his many section. This is added value, differentiation.

two, Baidu included skyrocketing

Baidu likes our content, we have credibility on the website, which included our website content, can lead to included skyrocketing.

eg., we often overdraw credit cards, but we pay them back on time, which is credit. In this way, our credit card credit and the amount will be higher and higher.

Baidu boom premise:

the content of our website must be high quality content, must be Baidu likes, can satisfy the content of user demand.

the time cost of producing high quality content cannot be too high. If the time cost is too high, we can not achieve inflation. We need to achieve high quality plus efficiency.

What does

do to pick up inflation? We need to do the following:

enhance the credibility of Baidu on our website, such as the above credit card upgrade.

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