What stationmaster needs most is to insist

flicker is almost the end of the year, review the next 2008. How difficult the year is. For me it was an eventful year, a year just to go. Stationmaster perhaps also has the same feeling with me, this year. I didn’t do anything. Busy all year round. The hair is white, the eyes are red, the body is broken, the main money is not earned,.

just got out of the mix at the beginning of 08. I don’t understand anything. It’s nice to watch other people do it. May be a little interested in doing the station, bought a book, a tutorial, closed the door, do not go out all day. Just settled the "otaku" this new era of popular language. With a few months made the first of my station, is a mobile phone picture station. In the beginning, I didn’t know what SEO was. What’s the function of friendship connection?. I have a smattering of knowledge. Fuzzy station. Know the webmaster often go to A5, China Adsense station still outdated. But how often do I visit A5?. I like to read the news on the front page. Whether it’s true or false. Look, maybe it’s still useful for yourself. After all, myself started working, what all don’t understand. Learn more, the experience of other people’s predecessors is still very useful. Some articles are still good. Senior webmaster voices, I want to learn from them.

stick to the word, I’ve seen the stationmaster say so often. To me。 It may not work very well. Because I have a hard time keeping it up. Content to be original. That’s not allowed to write every day. A thought. Maybe it’s because I’m afraid. So in the end did not adhere to, and now finally understand. What the forefathers said still makes sense. The Great Wall was not built in a day. Is also a few generations of people slowly Lei up. Yes. Standing is a long-term thing. Can’t be too hasty. Even if you’re in a hurry. Baidu is not urgent. GG not urgent. What’s the use of your hurry?.

new sites come out, the first thing is to TITLE and so on. Don’t change it later. Insist on updating. Find some related sites to do friendship connection. In the early stage, if you can’t find the related websites, it’s nothing to do friendship. Find some new stations to develop together. New station to the old station is a process. Which webmaster can not avoid?. Don’t be afraid of being turned down. Isn’t his station starting from a new station? Maybe he’s working harder than you do. So don’t be afraid of losing face in the early stage. It will be OK。 That’s how everyone came here.

my other little game class station. To now, Baidu or included one. It’s been 2 months from 10.1 to now. I’m not in a hurry. Very urgent. But it doesn’t work. Recently, Baidu has more. Even more urgent. Haste makes trouble, but confusion the wrong. Remember, the only thing that can be done right now is to persist. As long as incomplete K. We have hope. Don’t say "help" straw? That one, maybe you turn over the opportunity, the webmaster. Persistence is the absolute principle.

over the past year, things have unwittingly learned a lot, but also know a lot of people do stand the truth. Be a station first man. That’s a good statement. Also.

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