Local portals business revolution in online communities

for the local history of the community, not the business of the era is harmonious; but in essence, the local community commercial era is more harmonious; must realize that by non business to business, a process is not harmonious.

first, the non commercial era of the community, the relationship is based on values, which belongs to the ideological thing. In this era, recognition and negation and all people, all disputes are all around people’s ideas and.

to date, in some semi commercial developing communities, we can still see the existence of this non-commercial, conscious community. Often encountered commercial progress, you can see a piece of criticism, for commercial exclusion. Through a fight like this, I think China culture’s light plot, a poem: "all things are, only high school," the poem cloud: "beautiful woman in the book, the book house of gold". Admittedly, since the more backward areas, the civil service is regarded as the way of life, business is similar with the prostitute ". At the same time, Choufu mentality serious, not afraid of their own poor, lest they be rich. This is the general business community network, the relationship between consciousness, self righteous.

The history of the development of communities such as

, like the Nile civilization, is rampant, destroyed, reborn and prosperous. Every cycle is a spontaneous movement of self interested interests, and ideological conflicts cause disintegration. So far, the local community’s hobby editions remain the same.

two, the era of commercialization of the community, the relationship is based on the commercial contract relationship, including commercial relations and interpersonal emotion in two aspects. In essence, the basis of the community is based on the health of the business environment, and the most fundamental foundation is honesty and equity. Then, the community forms an ecosystem, which is simple and stable compared with the non business community.

commercial community, between people is a simple trading relationship, participants to the community for the purpose of nothing more than to buy things and work, do not have to Scholars scorn each other. is actually a group, between the interests of community stability is very high.


business community, because the interests of all conflicts. But the conflict does not have a fatal effect on the virtual ecology of the community – injuries, injuries, life or need to continue.

three, the commercial transformation of the community is a revolution! It is a bloody revolution in the field of consciousness!


1, commercial transformation means rebuilding and positioning. The conscious community exists as a result of consciousness. A commercial community where the interests of the community exist. First of all, the platform is based on profit model, decided to locate, select groups of customers, and then sellers and buyers choose each other. Chosen is born, not chosen dies. Life and death depend on interests, depending on the value of the individual for the new ecosystem.

2, commercial transformation means the redistribution of interest and power. From pure interest to commercialization, this step will directly change the original right system, and in BBS it will be a moderator system

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