The first five hundred thousand in life cock wire webmaster counter attack

the content of my personal experience, for you are still struggling in the grassroots webmaster provide some ideas to share, with the rapid development of the Internet today, living space more and more small grassroots webmaster. How is the transition, grassroots webmaster and SEO have to consider the issue, here the author according to their own experience, to tell you how I was by SEO, with three IP less than one hundred of the site to earn a pot of gold in the second half of this year’s experience.


one: jump out of the technical level of SEO, give full play to the maximum value of traffic.

the author in 2009 engaged in the SEO industry, as of today, in the industry has done five years. Should be fairly early into the SEO group of people. In these five years, did website construction business, SEO outsourcing business, but also toss over Taobao operations, independent B2C mall and so on, but these did not allow the author to make money. On the contrary, they still live a hard life, and they sleep later than the dogs, and rise earlier than the chickens. Opening your eyes in the morning, the first thing is to turn on the computer and see the website traffic. In short, lead the life of inhuman suffering. Mix to the point where I have to sink the heart to reflection, why do so many years to do so tired still did not earn money? When one with a local boss chat, the boss of a sentence reminded me: "look at your side to make money people how they are successful. They learn to be".

because the author has been engaged in the website construction projects and SEO outsourcing business, some customers in the local resources, are generally traditional manufacturing factories, and through this kind of enterprise boss together to communicate, can deeply feel, as the boss doesn’t care what language is used to build the website. What IP, PV, these do not matter to me, as long as I can get customers is king, really sank down when summing up, found that often earn money is precisely this kind of person. The Internet is only a tool in their eyes, and SEO is only cheaper to compete with. Through the website and customer contact, and the rest is to talk about business online,


advised you the grassroots webmaster, if you are only good at doing some optimization keywords, waste site, realized by hanging advertising, might as well find some traditional resources cooperation into traditional industries do business to make money. SEO? Huh?… When you earn money and then look back, you will feel that SEO does not understand, really does not matter. But when you go into the traditional industry, your Internet thinking helps you think differently, and you can do better than that,

two: find their own line of traditional industries, make quick use of money SEO

because the author and more traditional manufacturers, customer relations is good, and after several considerations, chose to work with a local packaging machinery and equipment factory cooperation. Because of the cooperation signed with the factory

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