The official Dede and is linked to the horse and fight hackers 72 hours

Dede official website today at 0:36 in the evening all the page is horse, after three days I was with this master (in a domain and domain two turns in my antivirus website: WWW, Souyi antivirus horse) fought 72 hours. I send the article: Dede system is a comprehensive solution to

is exactly what I’m fighting, I think I’m great against hackers, but the fact told me that I was wrong, the hackers not only in my stand on the horse, and in the official dedecms also has been linked to horse,

is too strong!

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my site is hacker got this garbage for 72 hours, he hung, I deleted him, then hang, I’ll delete it! He Niua, I put all the loopholes and batch PHP ma he hung in the are deleted, he can hang! He is the expert, I have always considered myself xueyibujing hey. Unexpectedly, I was fighting at the same time, the official website of dedecms also suffered the same fate, ha ha ha, I begin to understand myself really is great, even with such a master battle for 72 hours, and ultimately to my basic victory! (what is called basic victory, I set up a lot of not write permissions and that he can’t rewrite my PHP files, JS files, HTML files and HTM files) and I believe it will be within two days of the official Dede patch, ah, at least at a time. Dedecms, I hope you can go further….

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