will Wangzhuan video key row to the search engine page 5

notes: ranking can change, but more stable.

1   optimization goal: Home theme – "online video" – Baidu, Google home page 5.

Baidu search rank 4 (promotion 0 – natural 4)

Google search ranking for 5

2;   other omissions; the reason is simple; very little contribution.


3 method is as follows:

first N years ago, key word, such as Wangzhuan Wangzhuan Wangzhuan tutorial video etc. and Wangzhuan Related words, the effect is very good, the search engines are very smart, in fact, is not necessary, you can use a keyword, keyword most close to the content of your website is best my key is, online video, in addition to some weight of high standing in front of me, no one than my high ranking, although there are also changes, but compared to me is very stable. No home page rankings. This experience is not too much, not overdo sth..

The second important factors of

website ranking there is a very important factor is to have the original content, the more the better, if we do not mean their IP can take a look at our forum, is the most original, you don’t mind if I say, my writing is soft, plus his own experience, you learn that is true, abuse is of no use, ranking is not come up, so to see the fundamental, rather than to the soft hatred, there are a lot of good articles. Originality is the standard of critical evaluation for search engines.

third tag tag is very important, I use the disucz forum, at the beginning of the search engine is through the label, so this is very important, we do not use the automatic extraction of keywords, artificial name, and the content of the post match is very important, do not use Baidu’s popular keywords. You know, you should continue to have their own content, can retain users, only money.

4,   advice, recommendation,

extension of the first garbage station is not suitable for the above method, or you will die, because you are not attracted to visit customers every day, publicity, you will feel no hope, the final result is self-evident.

second and I don’t believe the same type of website, make Wangzhuan forum training, basic is outdated, money is not seen on the internet.

third Wangzhuan rely on their own thinking, others tell you to make money, not their own experience, there is no future, only to be led by the nose.


fourth is not established, Wangzhuan is not going to happen in the body of the lazy.

my article is soft text plus experience, I hope the soft sense.

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