Silicon Valley business circle trend tell your failure storyWang Tong different network entrepreneur

tenth topic: how to get success easily?

2, low risk

next to share 10 topics, 10 cases, 10 strokes dry goods,

works on the Internet:

‘s first topic: How did the grassroots earn 1 million from scratch?


refuses mediocrity, has the personality, dares to dream the person, can not be brainwashed by the traditional erroneous thought, has own independent thought, finally can obtain the opportunity on the internet.


eighth topic: how do you get the chance to come to you automatically,

fourth topic: how to get customers to buy

entrepreneur failure conference FailCon founder Phillips

third topics: why the more profiteering the better,

In a blog post entitled "I failed in my business today," Silicon Valley entrepreneur Chris ·

4, you can have no project

Chris Poole has no qualms about describing his paintings, games, applications, and DrawQuest failures. "No soft landing, no beautiful ending – we just failed."." Poole wrote in February.

second topic: what do you sell on the Internet?

5 years ago, Cassandra · Phillips Cassandra Phillipps founded FailCon – San Francisco’s failure to celebrate the meeting. She was frustrated by the growing number of entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and felt nervous about her entrepreneurial prospects. Therefore, she is eager to get from the business failure story comfort.

explains to the reader that although DrawQuest apps have been downloaded 1 million 400 thousand times, that doesn’t keep them alive. The products that seem successful are >

sixth topics: how to spend money in front of the search,

in the next 720 words, his tone seemed a little penitent. Few people in the business world understand the pain of CEO’s failure to be supported by vc." He wrote. Canvas, his former technology start-up company, also failed, he said.

in 2000, when I was in school, the future of a confused, fortunately had access to the Internet, then I quickly get the chance, in less than 20 years old when he is famous, and founded his first company to play money.

1, low cost

According to the

5, you can make no difference,

it doesn’t matter, but what do you have,

1, self

these 10 topics, around each topic, I have the corresponding actual combat case, finally from the case summarizes the striking stunt.

3, you can have no funds,

but this year, FailCon’s convention in San Francisco was canceled. Phillips said that this partly because the failure of entrepreneurship has become a hot topic of discussion in Silicon Valley, so there is no need to hold a special talk about the failure of the conference. "Your failure to start a business" has entered the people’s dictionary." She said.

3, many opportunities,


you have to have a different mentality. There are less rich people and more poor people in the world. So you have to make yourself a minority. Then you need the thinking of the minority.

foreign media recently published an article that in the entrepreneurial success stories emerge in an endless stream of Silicon Valley, the failure now became a glorious, not difficult to hide things. Entrepreneurs are openly talking about their failure experiences, summarizing and learning from them.

these 10 topics are:

now, the failure experience has become an honor in some Silicon Valley start-ups, and entrepreneurs are talking loudly about their failure stories.


the following consultation part in the course of College warm-up tonight:

these cases and special skills, I will be in the article in the future, and gradually through >

seventh topics: how to find the most suitable field for yourself?

2, train of thought


1, you can’t have a high degree in

fifth topics: how accurate market positioning,

below is the main content of the article:


Internet is a very good platform for Entrepreneurship:

the day long meeting was a great success. FailCon was founded in the first four years, every year in October there will be as many as 500 entrepreneurs and industry veterans gathered to share their stories of failure, such as "roundtable discussion when everything is off track what to do when the theme will be.

Business School of Harvard University, senior lecturer in business management, GSK · Gauss Shikhar Ghosh a study from 30% to 40% for risk investment startups burned most or all of the financing, 70% to 80% failed to bring investors expected return.

self.When the ?

ninth topics: how to quickly capture a good opportunity,


2, you can’t have the technology

fails to be honorable

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