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long-term suspension of large enterprises, may be a unique phenomenon of the new three board market.

the famous social networking site MySpace has been the media magnate Murdoch with $500 million under the nationalization, the day before and shlf1314 reached $900 million of the huge advertising transaction. Recently, however, there was news that MySpace was beginning to lose its former charm. A large number of young users began to evacuate. At present, there are many domestic imitation or similar MySpace social networking sites, they will encounter the same fate?

Over the past few months

but privacy is not the only factor. The news now young users was very impatient, their friends will often jump from one site to another site, such as Friendster and Xanga have been given a lot of people of all ages, but they are popular in MySpace before the emergence of a very short period of time.

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"want to leave the new board" is one of the push behind the tide of the stock market. According to the new three board read research center data, 880 suspension enterprises, 86 is due to the delisting, and of which 83 were from 2017 began the suspension; as well as 94 companies because of IPO has been accepted and the suspension, of which 30 were entered in 2017 after the suspension.

long suspension caused by "can not quit", so that the new three panel investors particularly thin blue. In general, "published an important announcement, to be planning a major asset reorganization, because IPO accepts the suspension" is the three major reasons for the suspension of the new board, but there is real reason for many companies is "afraid of trading suspension low price".


880 new three board company to join the ranks of the suspension, the suspension into the acceleration of

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IPO and other companies delisting, the reasons for the suspension is more general, "the matter is not important announcement, to be planning a major asset reorganization" is the two reason most are used.

179 non IPO enterprises suspended for more than 100 days, the longest more than 3 years

but for companies that have been suspended for a long time, things are not as simple as that.

Choice data, the end of June 2016, three new board suspended only 261 enterprises; the end of April 2017 increased to 551; by June 23, 2017, has increased to 880.

can be seen from the data, the three plate enterprise suspension has entered the acceleration. Even excluding 276 companies because the annual report was not disclosed and suspended, there are still 76 suspended in May, and entered in June, further increased to 95, far higher than the historical average.

a three board company can suspend the suspension for how long? "In principle" is indefinitely.

shares issued in November 2015 carried out the new suspension and resumption of operation regulations, according to the regulations, during the suspension of the transfer of shares shall, at least every ten days the transfer failed to disclose the progress of the resumption of the cause and related events". In order to solve the problem of long-term suspension without reasonable reason, the guide also added the latest provisions for the resumption of the transfer date and the application for postponement and restoration of the transfer

three new board provides that enterprises should not be suspended in principle for more than 3 months, many companies on the "flexible use" provisions, "in principle" indefinitely suspended.

according to understand the new three board research center data, as of June 23rd, the number of new three plate suspension company has increased to 880, suspended for more than 100 days of non IPO companies have 179, 12 thousand and 200 passengers were closed.

suspension is becoming a trend in the new three board market,

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