China Mobile executives shelling part SP moneyDo you make money on your website

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      webmaster do stand, I think in addition to outside interest, there is need to earn money, which I do from college station no ground for blame, when the original simple interest, also to make money, after all, we all need energy, host, domain name fee, to see so much online Wangzhuan this article, I try to do some other domestic league, willing to share with everyone, welcome. Shortcomings:


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      first say "shlf1314 ADsense", "

      sh419 and sh419 search advertising is the main form of promotion, I have been doing, when you use the website user habits sh419 search on your website, your luck will come, but sh419 K station is very fast, I was a K, not too the application and solution, so don’t cheat. Note the detailed understanding of sh419 alliance application!

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brand promotion with the old, in July made mobile vice president Lu Xiangdong said not to engage in monopoly against SP minus 500-1000 yuan

      not to me, but there is no way, shlf1314 advertising is a webmaster most recommended make the way at present, down shlf1314 registered advertising approval, will be free to put in the code, whether you are a blog or a page can be put in, when can add the domain name. It is important to advertising content and their websites to match the theme, so as to enrich their website content, can also according to their own website color and layout, these custom advertising style, fully integrated into the website. At present, the domestic portal websites have also joined shlf1314 advertisement, Sina, NetEase, Shanghai hotline, Xinhua net and so on. Thus, the success of shlf1314 advertisement can be seen.

, individual SP company 30% of the revenue from the SMS sales, like money

in recent SP SMS service provider and suffered a blow in the dumps, as the leading industry chain operators China Mobile affects every act and every move every aspect of the industry chain. Yesterday, in the "2006 China Internet Conference, vice president of China Mobile Lu Xiangdong behavior are prior to the large range SP specification explanation, he said, some SP business has more than 1/3 belong to the mandatory custom, is" robbing behavior". Therefore, the fight against SP is not moving, to engage in monopoly, suppress SP., which is the first time in the mobile high-level SP public statement on the fight.

"recent cooperation with China Mobile SP, many ISP ‘feel very depressed," someone in the online China Mobile monopoly, to suppress the legend of SP. "speech at the conference on the Internet yesterday, the vice president of China Mobile Lu Xiangdong admitted recently did a lot of listed company’s market value decline in SP.

about spam, Shandong to the East for example: "I saw a subsidiary data actually inside the SP business in 1/3 is subject to compulsory custom, similar to grab the user’s money.

the business only short-term growth and prosperity, not long-term development."

;   average income: 2 / day;

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