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in February 24th before the bell, Wang Wei almost never appeared in public in the media, also declined from many internal postal system media demand, Citibank for $10 million fee, want a can and SF cooperation opportunities, but even a meeting have no chance to get.

people from the media entrepreneurs produced Lanna evening reading "defeat" entrepreneurial small entrepreneurs, feeling confused three: the first and most likely to be their "products"; second "captured the hearts of the temptation is" success "; the third can be called" the temptation of friendship". He suggested: "all want to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, should read this book, especially college students."."

, like those described in the story, the gold rush, but sent water to earn a lot of money, Wang Wei also saw opportunities in the industry, and his father’s support, so that he got the initial 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars.

dark horse camp of your instructors, consultants and even senior, in this book’s case review mentioned many times, entrepreneurship is something that the media intentionally or unintentionally beautify things. We always see the success stories, but this seems it is an even highway road, in fact than the single plank bridge entrance also.

, the water crew behind the gold rush,


all those who want to embark on the road to entrepreneurship should read the book first, especially the college students. In several case reviews, the seniors mentioned reservations about college students. In the book you are not trial common people have a lot of resources, some hands, some started with tens of millions of money, some have a good business model was the market that they are not yet successful.


Beijing Eben Mdt InfoTech Ltd President Jiang Yufei commented in a particular case, referred to such statistics: "start-ups 3 years survival rate of less than 10% of the U.S. venture capital association VC for the past 10 years, 3.7 enterprises to keep track of, only less than 1/1000 of the company to $1 billion in value the successful listing." In the current domestic investment hot money flowing environment, this book can be described as being at a bar to drink.

1993, No. 150-164, No. 150-160, Wusong Road, Jotun Road, Kowloon, Hongkong


and SF listed, Wang Wei I’m afraid I can not continue to maintain a low profile mystery, had to exposure in the spotlight. SF listed on the first day, Wang Wei to 144 billion 500 million worth, easily beyond tact, actual controller Yu Huijiao couple, become the new richest man in the express industry. Subsequently, a few trading days, SF shares is a continuous limit, Wang Wei’s value is also rising. But yesterday afternoon, SF limit board is opened until closing, SF price of 70 yuan, up 4.79%, the market value of 292 billion 900 million, Wang Wei holds a market capitalization of 189 billion 200 million shares, approaching Ma, has also become a powerful competitor of the richest man in China.

even without the "richest" title near the body, Wang Wei has become a China business legend. But unlike those in the media, large screen frequent success of the airport, SF founder Wang Wei is more like the hidden knight in the novel, all of its personal legend is more relying on a variety of anecdotal rumors to piece together.

the early 90s of the 20th century, the Pearl River Delta region affected by the rapid rise in policy, there are figures show that there are more than 5 manufacturing plants in Hongkong, north of the Pearl River Delta gold panning. At this stage, the most popular is the "front shop, after factory" model, namely, the manufacturing of the Pearl River Delta, Hongkong sales. But the two still belong to different customs territory, some documents and mail need to spend two or three days, many people through water, boats carrying express delivery, in order to make money.

no one should be arrogant enough to feel that he is better at winning.

"success" is the second temptation. The so-called "failure is the mother of success" in the business is not to encourage, but also to remind entrepreneurs, when success, like a soft sister into your arms when, do not forget to stand in

but in fact, if you don’t really do it yourself, the word "difficulty" is always just a linguistic sign in the dictionary.

this way confused many entrepreneurs, the first and most likely will be their "product" charm. Think about it, it dwells for months even years in your mind, I think that was so beautiful and you agonistic. That’s the only thing that makes you fall in love with Soulmate. But love is forever and taboo, book a number of cases have proved this point. People’s attention is limited, too focused on products will inevitably forget the customer and the market, and ultimately only a piece of chicken left.

Wang Wei, 7 years old, the family moved to Hongkong, parents because of education in Hongkong is not recognized, only from the workers to start, Wang Wei himself also graduated from high school, engaged in printing and dyeing work.

"I want you to read this book but also with a relaxed mood, rather than with hardly wished to live. mood." "Entrepreneur magazine," Niu Wenwen said in the preface to the book.

rumors, MA in the initial stage of development of Taobao micro-blog has two times to meet with Wang Wei and repeatedly expressed the worship of the king, but this rumor was denied by both sides, and an early follow Wang Wei the SF insiders told the Tencent and said: "never heard of Mr Ma wants to meet the king who, at least not open channels."

1971, Wang Wei was born in Shanghai, born in the same year there are two other Internet Co chiefs later: Tencent Inc founder Ma Huateng micro-blog, NetEase founder Ding Lei.

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