Sing Chen Hua’s evolutionn 2009 this year Wangzhuan experience sharing

from kuxun to sing, two time entrepreneur Chen Hua, how to less than two years to make a few users billions of dollars of products? My experience summary of Chen Hua is:

Yang Jiao is the China Conservatory of Music students study two, June 2012, she was in the school dormitory stay boring time, sing Karaoke software download – use a new mobile phone, the. She did not expect, "a virtual world on a mobile phone, actually let me get so many people like."."


currently has 140 million users and about thirty million monthly active users, according to data provided by sing. This song in this segment in the field of social interest based on App, from the Chen Hua singing tune.

this year, I was hard, is also happy, know a lot of friends, learn knowledge, improve. This is my Wangzhuan experience, feel now encountered a bottleneck, do a month only toil, tens of dollars. Bless my friends do Wangzhuan on the upgrade, also wish you to meet new friends in the new year, share the happiness and knowledge to a new level, to a new level of


, in the entrepreneurial direction, CEO should be the autocratic.

iDoNews insiders said, column 05, 26 select micro signal iLoveDoNews

I am a college student, just because the university entrance soon life very relaxed, so basically every day on the Internet bubble, the entrepreneurial heart strong, want to listen to the students on the Internet, said online can make money, one could not believe, even if you can only a small number only, not worth to go further, then contact Wangzhuan base only to find the network can really make money, Wangzhuan is so seriously, especially let me look at other people’s heart collection map, so in the base to find a few Wangzhuan project, began to do the investigation is Wangzhuan, but their pay line is usually high, because do not fill in the information, the survey also received less, about 1 months, 1 cents is not received, then have time to search in shlf1314 and sh419, the search to a gold class Chinese click on the station, another large Half a month, finally do the payment, wait for payment, in April 1st, I received my Wangzhuan first money 2.30 yuan. Since then I have embarked on the road of wangzhuan. From the Chinese click click do English, English mail station, play yards, do vote, do the registration, know what is CPS, CPA, CPM, CPC, learned how to build websites, advertising alliance, and various money making ideas until the end of this year, total revenue to more than 12 thousand, was pleased that this year’s harvest next year, income will be over 5 times.

two years later, she is singing, has about 1800000 fans, has more than 10 times on CCTV experience, and Yu Quan in the capital stadium live chorus. The father was a long-distance bus driver and a mother was a housewife, because by accident, life had changed.

welcome to make friends to learn together: wz858/ Wangzhuan base.

two, start-up companies must focus on solving the actual needs of users + innovative product model = viable products.


this is Chen Hua’s second venture. In 2011, he realized that if he didn’t start his business, he would miss the wave of mobile Internet and quit his job in the Alibaba. Chen Hua had kuxun 2006 popular concern to the industry’s business projects, time to start again soon to get $2 million financing, he began to do the business guide the direction of the project, about a year after the four or five products, but PC end users access cost is too high, it’s too tired, not fun. The product has no self communication ability.

Engineer Zhou Guixin felt that Chen Hua was under a lot of pressure. Chen Hua had been writing code with them, and he could sit in front of the computer for a whole day. Chen Hua couldn’t sit back and went out every day, but later he realized that Chen Hua was out there talking with people about the direction of entrepreneurship. From November 2011 to January 2012, the start-up team did not work and met each week to discuss the direction. They cited a number of criteria: market capacity is much, how many competitors, the product can think of innovation, can earn money, can do self communication and so on, according to the standard screening direction, after five or six times, K direction is still above, Chen Hua felt.

four, entrepreneurs need to find more patient capital.

three, early in the business, in order to survive in the fierce competition, only competitors, there may be something to sing dead

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