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webmaster Wangzhuan: language is not one or two days you are familiar with the Wangzhuan need your patience!!! I think if a person can persist for several months or longer! You must be a person of patience! What do not worry about success! We do Wangzhuan is not free! We need to put what is past! You put idle time part-time! Ha ha! I think this does not affect your normal work! Can also increase an extra income!! Oh, Why not?!

in the Internet world, while there are energy-saving, hold up the sky Internet giant, the other side, there are a large number of survival in the giant cracks in the small website. While a good occupation education experience, there is big money investment in favor of the elite in the Internet world travel behind, on the other side there are many grassroots webmaster to be studious, struggling to support a rapid development speed in the broad prospects for development in the Internet industry.

a little more skill, a little more power,

appreciate the word " impossble is nothing" no, maybe I really silly! Why do you eat in the Wangzhuan ah, what meaning, want to make money, the stock market fell again, I can eat ah, actually I want to try a new field and to grasp. Some think their new things, maybe you will laugh at me, Wangzhuan had, your blog is out of date, in fact, after exploring the moment I found him, very dynamic, in the new one coming out, but rest assured, I recommend all my carefully chosen, should not appear suddenly disappeared, ha ha, recently there are a lot of people ask me is really? Really can make money? Oh, please believe a word, " no " and finally gave the. Quote:

1. keep on keeping on, holding


twenty-first Century, money do Wangzhuan can be a lot of people do not try.

it is undeniable that the largest proportion of college students is the computer or network professional college students. After learning the HTML, DIV+CSS and other related networks, all hope to be able to strengthen their knowledge through a certain way, so, to do their own website has become a very logical, simple solution. What does not need to have a clear purpose, do not need to have what ambitious goal, is to learn and do, according to the content of interest, he learned the Internet professional knowledge, set up a preliminary website, because there is no what special appeal for commercial purposes, so some network promotion, marketing etc. The content is not the most concerned about their own, we can focus on the content of the construction, optimization design of our network. Through the construction of the website, strengthen our network technology, and this is the first harvest of college students and entrepreneurship.

in fact, as long as there is a long-term goal in your heart, you wouldn’t think so, spend 1, 2 months, in order to make their experience and skills are strengthened, you just think you now after the experience of your downline will encounter, if you do not have a solid foundation, they ask you the problem, how do you answer

in early 80s, a stall can make a fortune, but many people dare not.

to bed! >

grassroots webmaster source broad, with different backgrounds and experiences, there are different resources available, there are different advantages and disadvantages, college students are broad grassroots webmaster who are a major source. This is because, on the one hand, college students have the energy, time, knowledge, ideas, entrepreneurial awareness; on the other hand, the myth of the Internet have more people unlimited reverie, the so-called low threshold, high income, many college students have also made the legendary Wangzhuan the infinite interest into the web site cause. But, the university student does stationmaster this thing, how should treat after all, what should be gotten from it in the end, it is us to ponder deeply. Although the network spread all Wangzhuan myth is very attractive, but the students do or should be based on the interest on the basis of the study and Practice for the purpose, but not too fancy economic interests. We saw a lot of through the network flourishes myth, but we can not see the ups and downs is more people live in the network, then advise students friends, if you take a purpose to do so, or as early as possible to stop it, only through continuous learning, efforts to find out whether. After, or just experience up to a certain extent the future, both learning and entrepreneurship, will it be possible to get real success. Therefore, college students should be from the site of the process, the harvest is site technology continues to mature, pioneering experience and the Internet industry pre internship.

at the beginning of 90s, when you buy stocks, you can earn money, but many people don’t believe it.

try some more, more responsibility,

in Wangzhuan beginning one or two months or even longer, you do it is not hard to see what money, you will have a suspect: resentment is mainly because of the first registration of English English website you are not familiar with, so the mood is affected; then each net station daily income is not much, but you have to do a lot of station, to make more money, you feel a lot of trouble. But the nine floor comes from the hard soil, and you know, this little bit of work, a few months later, is an income of tens or hundreds of dollars a day. If you do not prepare to go a lot of hard work, or the income of 100 dollars a day doesn’t appeal to you, then you better just next to watch it, if give up halfway, still do not do! Anxious, do not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm attitude Wangzhuan, course, other industries may not do it.

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