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Home Internet era makes all the process of decoration and construction are shown in the decoration owners in the face of the user does not need to decorate the scene, just a mobile phone or computer screen will be able to complete the construction monitoring for decoration, decoration in the construction process, decoration owners can be found in the first time and solve the problems and hidden dangers, let in the bud stage was destroyed, completely solve the decoration after the inconvenience to the owners of life problems.

Internet home, so that the construction process that wysiwyg. The traditional decoration, a lot of construction details are carried out in the absence of owners decoration, decoration because of some problems and hidden dangers can not be found in time and solved to these problems after the owners, to the owners in later life inconvenience.

all failures are ultimately human failures,

Internet home, make what you see is what you get,


the arrival of the Internet age, so that the decoration materials procurement, logistics, sales and other processes

in addition, in the era of Internet home, decoration owners do not need to go to the decoration company, and designers face to face communication in order to modify the design program. Decoration owners only need to click the mouse on the Internet, you can complete the design changes, integration process, reducing the renovation program trouble, so that decoration design more convenient and efficient.

below is Liu Qiangdong’s speech:

written in the front,

Internet users see what the design process sees as income. Home Internet era, we can kind of tens of thousands of decoration style together with the decoration style as the blueprint, through the Internet system to decode and integration to find out the suitable owners decoration decoration style, decoration style and then integrated into different decoration packages, users can see all aspects of their new home design, avoid the inconvenience caused by the design of unable to see the traditional Jiezhuang process, so as to make our decoration more precise and scientific.

Internet home allows the material to be seen, that is, income. Traditional decoration, decoration materials prices are a "deep wells", many decoration owners do not understand the relevant knowledge of decoration materials, decoration materials for the price is very little known. A smattering of decoration owners for building materials dealers and decoration project managers have an opportunity, they often in collusion with the price gouging ways to increase the price of decoration materials, and eventually led to the owners to spend money to buy are high decoration materials.

so Liu Qiangdong said: "all the failures are ultimately the failure", to solve the problem, other problems will be smoothly done or easily solved, such as the value of the team, incentive mechanism, talent reserve, duty clear division of labor, the boss’s leadership and personality charm. As for start-ups, start-ups are faced with these problems if they want to become bigger. We look at how Liu Qiangdong analyzed his mental journey, hoping to inspire and harvest the entrepreneurs and friends. – guest 100 editor: Fan VIP

Jingdong’s success is not accidental, without Liu Qiangdong’s early iron fist management capability, without Liu Qiangdong’s super control, financial ability and team execution ability, there would be no Jingdong today. Recently, Liu Qiang said in a speech: " all failures, people are ultimately failed! " I deeply agree with this view, people are the most important forces! Like "sword" in the Li Yunlong team, there is a momentum, there is a strong fight in the end, this kind of spirit is the soul in the army, if used in a team called values. In the team if there is such a culture, no matter what difficulties, no matter what the adverse situation, will try every way to solve it, and every team, like every one of the soldiers in the sword like


in the past ten years, basically in the whole Chinese Internet companies, is the most controversial company, is the most controversial entrepreneur should be non Jingdong and I must go, I get the first round of financing since 2007 $10 million to the end of the year, we decided to self logistics, after the market has a variety of questions. Over the years, the heat on the market has always been the same for us

Jingdong’s success is not accidental, without Liu Qiangdong’s early iron fist management capability, without Liu Qiangdong’s super control, financial ability and team execution ability, there would be no Jingdong today. Liu Qiang said in a speech: "" all failures are ultimately human failures." ", I agree with this view.

Internet is affecting and changing our life deeply, but the feeling that Internet brings to us is always an unreal impression. Yes, the Internet is a virtual world, but it is because the virtual characteristics of it but many can not solve the real problems in the moment is solved, and it is this virtual sex, let us see an open, sharing the world. And the Internet, born in the Internet, is no exception, it is with a virtual edge for us to open up a WYSIWYG, the entire world.

Liu Qiangdong, has been growing up in the question, for example, Dangdang’s Li Guoqing had concluded: Jingdong can not get financing, live for only a few months. When the Jingdong in the United States officially listed on Nasdaq, but also indicates that the Jingdong after ten years of running after finally coming into fruition. Liu Qiangdong and Jingdong over the years bear the "question": the fund chain break, self built logistics, profit black hole, a wave of shame and self "attack", until the eve of IPO Jingdong would not have stopped. With the listing, the voice of doubt has finally been removed.

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