1 shop co founder Yu Gang do not screw will be listed independently in the futureTo be a novice webm

search in sh419 Internet, how to make money, there is no chance to make money this kind of key index is very high, it said many new webmasters have expressed confusion, don’t know if I should continue to do so, the amount will increase in difficulty coefficient of the Internet in 2013 to make money, because the site of sh419’s new rules issued by K, Taobao also because of money do not go up, want to become a successful webmaster must learn some knowledge, may be very helpful to your web site:

3, soft writing

"no screws,"

1, website promotion

, a professor at the University, was born in a rigorous, meticulous, and no lack of sensibility. He has published more than 80 academic papers, and has written many poems, but now it is more about blogging. He is a master of bridge and has represented the national team in world competitions.

just said

and Liu had simply left DELL, began the idea in their mind.

"Yes, deal!"

more than 3 pad is the author summarizes the new webmaster, do poineering work, must learn knowledge, do station

soft is also a novice webmaster must learn, what is the use of text, a text to promote your website, this article is not recommended for web site, so that customers can not see is the effect of advertising. If you learn back SEO optimization, then the soft text is a high-quality original content, improve the role of ranking.

"I’m a screw on a big machine. Maybe I have a bigger screw, but not an engine."." Yu Gang, chairman of No. 1 store, described himself before setting up shop 1.

2, SEO optimization

in sh419 now more and more attention to the original content, how to write text, write high quality articles is every webmaster to class, ask others to write, not necessarily be able to produce high quality, but to write their own one day on your hand will get everyone’s favorite articles.

, with WAL-MART holding on No. 1 store, is just getting busier.

use the Internet to promote their products or services, is website promotion, there are many specific promotion methods such as: WeChat, space, group, forum, blog, soft, information platform and so on, a search method can be said a lot on sh419, and each method has a detailed explanation. Promotion method is actually the second, mainly what you sell, make good use of existing resources, corresponding to good, looking for promotion methods.

, for example, a friend of the author, in the sale of women’s clothing, in his space, there are many beautiful clothes, and in the space diary, every day



isn’t like an entrepreneur at first. A trim suit, two leaf thick eyebrows, wisps of display old crow’s feet, tone of voice is gentle, feels more like a scholar.

SEO optimization I think we are not unfamiliar, novice webmaster how to do SEO? Whether it is A5 or CHINAZ webmaster every day can see a lot of knowledge related to SEO and some of the latest sh419 SEO adjustment, mainly to improve the keywords ranking, make search more friendly to you, and to improve the station from the long tail keywords ranking, increase the number of the flow, so SEO optimization is every webmaster must learn, here is not to say that learning in the A5 master above, to learn to learn the system, A5 training and SEOWHY are doing pretty good, the price is not expensive, suitable for beginners, simple to understand, when you learn to practice continuously after, will touch our experience.

"One day in," asked Liu Feng, President of DELL’s China District, on 2007, without hesitation. On the table, Liu Junling suddenly invited, or vice president of DELL global purchasing, just started together, did not think too much to agree.

four years, the number 1 shop sales from 4 million 170 thousand yuan to 2 billion 740 million, 24 million users and 1000 suppliers.

two of them believe that the business models they have come up with can really change the way people live. So, in Liu had simply left DELL, began the idea in their mind.

updated several clothing details, he told me, through the space to find his volume, every day there are about 20-30 pens.

and his compromise is the controlling stake in No. 1 store, from the previous Ping An Group, to the present WAL-MART.

from multinational companies "screw" e-commerce "engine", to walk upright in an ideal way.

he was a tenured professor of the University of Texas at Austen School of management, was also the Amazon, DELL and other multinational company executives.

just said he always wanted to "do a great career, realize his own value and get his own life."".

he’s busy every day. He works more than 12 hours a day. "I used to play everything, but now I don’t have the time."." His only amateur activity today is playing golf one or two times a week.

, facing the market’s worries about the future of No. 1 store, said: "it will not only operate independently, but also be listed on an independent basis in the future."".

in gang and Liu Junling finally decided to do a large variety, FMCG mainly integrated online supermarket.

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