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sometimes, even the list of investment terms and have signed the investment agreement, may also occur in the breach of contract. Once the founder did any of the above three points, then it is equivalent to the investor issued a warning signal, because the founder in financial management or business operations, may also lack the ability of little heat, still needs to be improved.

Abstract: just as we don’t learn this knowledge in school, no one in real life will tell you what you should do after you have completed the seed wheel financing. Not only that, but you can’t find a completely useful instruction manual about what etiquette and rules should be noticed when the founder is financing.

checked it out on sh419. So he gave up the station and chose a returning servant. Registered about ten stations, every day point, but return commission is not much, every time a few hair, and often a few days later received a station money. About 5.6 days or so, only earn less than two dollars. A soft paper on the web site to see that there was a call home 178 Wangzhuan is very good, so I bought an invitation code, January 20th became a member of 178 Wangzhuan home. Here are often in contact with a lot of things, what CJ and CB do not know, many do not understand, only their own search, understand what is one thing, although it is not their own, but at least know how it is.

in fact, there are a lot of suggestions from previous generations in the venture capital circle. They will tell the founders who have been financing for the first time, how to find the investors correctly and promote and lobby them. But just as we don’t learn this knowledge at school, no one in real life will tell you what you should do after you have completed the seed wheel financing. Not only that, but you can’t find a completely useful instruction manual about what etiquette and rules should be noticed when the founder is financing.

learned a lot of things at home, will go to post every day, sometimes one or two posts. Unconsciously, there are more than 100 yuan of money, see other people are selling money to make money, but I do not know how to sell, and a meal search, after understanding, went to buy a theme, leaving ZFB, and soon received 1.8 yuan. It feels great, >

have to say to raise funds is a celebration, but in the process of raising money, you will inevitably develop into a kind of endless and sometimes even harder to sell, a show.

48 hours after

if you can do all of the above and show investors the confidence they want to see before signing the contract, then the chances of success are great. But after you get the money they’re putting in, you have to start thinking about new relationships with investors. Because you need to maintain your interest and trust with you and your company’s performance so that they can continue to invest.

is criticalBefore making sure all the money has been successfully entered into its bank account, it is better not to announce it or sign new office leases, nor to worry about expanding the size of the company and its core team,

quit work, ready to go home, the home what also did not think, after graduating from high school this year, in Guangdong, to understand a lot of things, because it is not admitted to a good university but did not continue to walk the road, after the end of the year, the feeling is still worth it. Wait for the time node of salary, every day to see "Jing Bao" happened during that time the financial crisis for head board newspaper.

In October,

financing is complete,

and once the company announced the completed financing rounds, it would be necessary to pay more attention to what happened next. As for myself, within a few weeks after I announced the A round, I received a lot of invitations, and they all wanted to be able to go with me

of course, the performance here doesn’t mean simply singing a song, or taking a dance, but showing that you’re passionate and show your professionalism and integrity.

many places do Wangzhuan some daily income of hundreds of money advertising, believe someone can, but not a man just stepped into the Wangzhuan industry.

. Because before that, you can’t fully ensure that you’re out of trouble.

contact Wangzhuan industry, is seen as a book called "earn 500 yuan" the book in the bookstore, read a few pages, in high spirits, to buy it. After reading, I feel a bit less realistic, at most can only think of it as an idea, a direction, a lot of things are not operational. Like some people say, how much money I want to earn, but I don’t know how I am going. That time is working in Shenzhen, is also the most depressed for a period of time, every day is boring to go to the bookstore to look east look west, the truth, always feel that others just wonderful, but he seemed to have lost its way. But, I want to find my own world……

back home, on the Internet every day, look at the news, play games, chat, so live life, but will not make money, it is not the taste, grow up, a lot of things have to start taking. A very unexpected, see about things in YAHOO webmaster Wangzhuan, try to do some investigation and PTC, the station is not good, long time no update, nor a rebate, then do not know there is a rebate, did a few days, to receive a little less than money, investigation, a few problems often ended.

but today, I would like to use my personal experience and the experience I have taken to provide advice to those in need.

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