The man behind Terry Lin started his business at the age of 30 but he regretted itOverseas website

a lot of things a person can not do it, this time we need to find some high quality team, the individual organization team to help you, will make you a tiger with wings added.

I must have Poland related professional knowledge, such as: Poland study abroad, Poland tourism, Poland visa, Poland geographical conditions and so on.

Terry Lin’s voice is a contrast to the piano,

, said Wilson is "the man behind the Terry Lin", actually know Taiwan music people know Wilson music status, he was Sherry, Julia Peng, F.I.R, Tiger Huang, Eric Moo, Chief Chao, Rene Liu… And many other stars concert on the piano keyboard playing teacher occupation, it is the popular piano master, music educator..

with the famous piano manufacturer of very influential, many find Xue Weishan, invited him to training a piano teacher, in the meantime, Wilson found that many people will have to learn the piano boring in the piano, to have fun in the process of learning, so Wilson thought of a way, the accompaniment recorded cassette, and then let the after the students go home to play the side of the piano. At this time the Wilson has been conceived: if you can give the students a side turn spectrum, while there are various accompaniment effects of the instrument, students will certainly exercise the flavor.

5 team spirit

last week, "2017" eighth singer’s latest ranking: Terry Lin with "volume curtain" title, became the new king of shanxi".

Uniqueness of

Xue Xue, a keyboard scholar, is catching up with the glorious period of the Taiwan music scene. Sherry, Rene Liu, Chyi Chin, Chief Chao, it is an era of bright stars. The more than 20 year old Xue Weishan became Taiwan famous music producer, 89 year professional music production, music, creation.

, such as embassy activities, you want to be there as a web journalist and let the authorities know you and your website. Although they will not advertise for your website, but you report content is for the public, your participation will make public recognition of your web site.

6 makes God

Abstract: "if I were given another chance, I decided not to start a business," he said slowly as he asked about Wilson’s entrepreneurial feelings. He helped to support the black frame, and his face turned out to be serious.

and Terry Lin was to the accompaniment of the piano master, is Taiwan’s famous music producer Weishan Xue Wilson.

There is a joke called

one word: Poland Chinese information network has been established for 2 years and 4 months of my business, but always belongs to the flow of the doldrums, sh419 and GG are rarely included page, through the search to this site keywords are Poland XXX Related words, daily IP over, Pv is twice ip. In this adverse situation, I can sell 7 ads, the highest advertising fee for thousands of euros per year. As a result of the financial crisis I also join in a fun, my website advertising fee 3 months inverted 1 turn, this is the case, advertising is still in short supply, I have been home development new advertising position. If you don’t believe it, you can watch my advertising charges: plchinese/thread-12014-1-1.html


needless to say, this is the fastest way to contact and the best place to release messages. Poland now has a population of more than 200 Chinese users, increasing.

4 to establish a local Chinese group

with the introduction of the Japanese Cara OK, the original record company did not leave a solo accompaniment when it was recorded

1 region

looking down, Terry returned to the mainland music for three years, when Terry Lin in "I am a singer" let the audience of the original singer Chyi Chin on the piano accompaniment tears trickling down cheeks, beautiful, leaving a classic "yeyeyeye".

3 dedication is the biggest reward

when you have certain professional knowledge, fast and accurate answer to the problem of users, many people will worship you, think what you know, so at the forum in the legend of God will be shaped by the users.

7 participates in official events and reports via the website,

in Poland, there is only one Chinese Poland website.

accidentally start"

actively contact local well-known Chinese enterprises, and introduce them to the website, they will be very interested. Because they don’t have anywhere to advertise with their money. Higher promotion, is to find when >

2 professional

8 contact local Chinese enterprises and foreigners service enterprises

why is such a low traffic website selling such high priced advertising fees?

now, the king behind the man went to the front, as an entrepreneur, he launched the "accompaniment Wang banzo" app is a generation Chinese child’s learning ways to use the internet.

now remember the "go" time, Wilson also said with a smile, when the string field nod with a smile singer, now are all-powerful large coffee.

when someone asking questions asks you, answer him with the fastest, most accurate answer.

with curiosity about the artist’s world, we talked to Wilson and talked for an afternoon.


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