Why are there so few ad unions specializing in CPSEt good news news bulletins price is 0 06 yuan a

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2, integrated alliance adds CPS, advertisement content has an advantage. Do CPS need to develop independent union station users, the total cost is relatively high, and the CPS embedded in the original brand alliance advertising which can use advertising their own resources and strengthen the advertisers and the confidence, operation more convenient.

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3, e-commerce brand’s own reasons. The overall level of e-commerce brands in China is not high, and the integration of e-commerce marketing can not cope with it. Lead to the domestic e-commerce brand CPS advertising is not very valued, and the CPS advertising alliance model is immature, in turn, has restricted the growth of CPS scale.

many internet professionals are predicting that CPS advertising will become a new trend in Internet advertising marketing. But if domestic advertising is rarely only CPS alliance, as results of net domestic large advertising are all projects are done, Ali mother derived from the shopping network Taobao alliance did not begin to do CPS advertising, this is why

‘s understanding of the alliance feels that there are a few reasons why CPS advertising alliance is so specialized:


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1 and CPS sales sharing model is not perfect. CPS advertising according to sales performance is divided into, generally considered to be beneficial to the business, more unfavorable to the webmaster. Although domestic users reached more than 300 million, online shopping is also growing, but to achieve rapid recommendation sales is not easy, this also shows that the development of domestic e-commerce also needs to be improved.


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