Website design grasp the 5 elements let the page text reading more comfortableWangzhuan core actual

is the font size that is directly set as 12px or 14px?

although the author did not do Wangzhuan, but also read a lot about the higher information and articles when writing text, have a certain understanding of Wangzhuan, think to do Wangzhuan, the mentality is very important, mentality in the execution is more important.

should do!

have you ever wondered why you use this font and font size?



is the habit of using Microsoft YaHei font or

in the past, it was generally believed that brush – like serif could increase identification and reading efficiency and be more suitable for reading fonts. Often used in newspapers, books, and other printed matter. Non serif, full, eye-catching, often used as a title or for shorter passages.

let’s analyze it from the following 5 elements.

friend said, he actually did not earn what do Wangzhuan, mainly lies in a lot of things to do, such as promotion and so on, some in the contact among some do Wangzhuan, learned from the chat, did half a year, what do Wangzhuan not earn money, and later learned that he is doing Taobao off the feel is unbelievable. When the webmaster Wangzhuan, some basic promotion are not how to do, not to earn money is normal, Wangzhuan project implementation, after all, and our website is not the same, do optimization, update the content, advertising, real need to do it, even indirectly please OEM also need to perform, so I think that it is more a good Wangzhuan operation projects, all perform well

Wangzhuan owners have a characteristic, which is eager to love things, but Wangzhuan is not the case, he made such a mistake when the members of a team in a few days ago in a chain of business, Wangzhuan really need to calm state of mind to perform, also need to do Wangzhuan part-time webmaster this spirit, turned about on the core of this article: execution, business also need such a model, and a lot of Wangzhuan subdivision market, such as Taobao customers, profits products, foreign Wangzhuan

Wangzhuan project has been concern about the direction of the webmaster, eager to know what the wizards can share their Wangzhuan project, and then go along with others to do, but do not want to have such a selfless man, Wangzhuan still have their own step by step to practice, start execution in Wangzhuan, what is your Wangzhuan the project, what is your project to make money, what time can make money, everyone should be aware of this, so the friend of the author about the project, the best personally practice project execution, so to ensure the validity of the project. Share at most things we can learn from you, do not follow suit imitate or copy, after all, there is such a good thing or not, or is short, so we need to own the project execution, a step by step came to know to know Wangzhuan Wangzhuan.

The two elements, the and so on.

font, font size

requires the execution of

project determines that the operation needs to be executed by


font is divided into serif serif and non serif sans, serif. Simply put, serif serif is a serif font, with different strokes and with extra ornamentation, with distinct strokes at the beginning and end pictured below. Commonly used English serif has Times, New, Roman and Georgia, Chinese is our most common in windows under the song yi.


have a few days without writing, today met a friend to talk about Wangzhuan topics, talk to the problem about the execution, so write about today’s sentiment, the core on the Wangzhuan: execution, has been a topic of concern webmaster Wangzhuan, after all, make money, but to make money also pay attention to the way, the key is to see there is no execution to accomplish these things.


The Wangzhuan mentalityMany novice ?"

have you considered the relationship between text layout and reading efficiency?

does your page background affect the user’s browsing comfort?

online reading online is an important way for most people to get information. Users will read the news and articles in a large number of online, especially the Internet novel, these pages display subject is one block of text. Has anyone complained about this seemingly simple text page: "how do you handle this interface as a web designer,

early in search of Wangzhuan requires the execution of

for a long time, on the Internet, we will pay attention to such a phenomenon, most of the foreign sites to non serif based, and Chinese Web site is basically song typeface. It is not difficult to understand, serif strokes thickness divided, very small under the condition of fine strokes is weakening, limited by the resolution of computer, 10-12px serif fonts are quite difficult to identify on the display see below; with the size of the non serif strokes concise and full, more suitable to do web fonts. Windows, >

, instead of serif, has no serif decoration, and there is no obvious difference in the stroke thickness. The font is sans serif. Arial, Helvetica, Verdanad are familiar to us English non serif, Chinese with Microsoft YaHei and MAC default Chinese – Chinese fine black.



font and the font size, must be put together.

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