Venture capital inventory in the first half how to avoid premature deathDo 7 things must remember Wa

one, pay attention to your health. The body is the capital of revolution, do Wangzhuan nine out of ten are owl family, learn to exercise, I feel this, it is easy to say, it is really difficult to make friends yo, I hope you can pay attention to it.


"this is the best time to start a business.". "Give you an investment, let’s do a project." many investors lobby at the top of the big Internet Co. There are even rumors that some institutions have talked about the top Internet Co executives, and they all lobby for business.

"hot money, good projects and less expensive" is a description of the investment environment for many investors in the first half of the year. A large number of hot money inflows, leading to investment institutions of early entrepreneurial projects berserk. According to NetEase science and technology statistics, only in the first half of 2014, the technology circle has more than 200 start-up companies to obtain B round and below financing, much higher than in previous years. And matching this is, a number of institutions and individual investors began to enter the early investment market, the major Internet Co have set up investment department, equity raised all the early market also eyeing. Domestic venture capital circle is flourishing. But in Silicon Valley, American investors have begun to reflect cautiously. They call it "bubblish", meaning it looks like a bubble, but it may not be.

two, stick to it. Adhere to the essential condition is to do Wangzhuan, and this reality is similar, many things, persistence is victory, "left" for the king.

six, trustworthy and honest. Although the network is virtual, but for users, especially the beginner, to take a realistic attitude to win the trust of others, will be sincere words first, guarantee letter word.

feeling, is willing to know more of the new and higher master…


in Qiu Zhun view, the business failure is the most common cause of instability of the entrepreneurial team, product and market are good projects, the founder of the background is also very strong, but the founding team cooperation problems. A lot of examples are that a founder thinks of a very good idea, gets excited, looks around for collaborators, and finds some like-minded people who are equally good. But they actually know each other very short, and they don’t touch deeply. After the project is carried out, once difficulties arise, contradictions begin to emerge. CEO’s ability to deal with contradictions is insufficient and the appeal is not strong, and the team begins to split up. Many founding personnel say, "original >"

five, keep learning. Online money is earned, how much can be earned, and this is their own ability to equate, and some temporary speculative projects may be just a flash in the pan. If you want to continue to set online real gold, it is necessary to repair internal strength, learning self-study and learning to master.

and "China partner" in Wang Yang said, "do not and the best friend to open a company" is different, in the domestic venture capital circle, investors prefer the general is the original understanding of the entrepreneurial team. Kuehne investment director Qiu Zhun general manager of NetEase said they love most of the team before work together, the best is the front companies out of the full team, or before the students like, mutual understanding.

but under the hot money, more start-ups are dissolving, adjusting, replacing, and so forth. The rationality of investment is eternal. How to avoid premature death under the hot money, NetEase science and technology in the first half of this year’s business and investment were investigated and inventory.

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three, choose the right way. The higher the so-called ad dragons and fishes jumbled together, many tempting height, to polish your eyes, be careful. Those who could earn tens or hundreds in the group called dynamic canon, I never see.

seven, low-key handling. In fact, the network some real money master, most are relatively low-key, some of them, even the sites are not, still can earn $There are plenty of people who.

Yan Jun The

team: open a company with an acquaintance,

rarely have time today, also have the mood, suddenly want to write what, although the road to development forum is not a long time, but I feel pretty love here. I hope I can meet more new friends and old friends here. From the beginning and then try half believe and half doubt which has experienced an error of judgment, cheated, since contact Wangzhuan gradually feel, sweetness, also increased to make money online confidence, feeling very good. The following is my personal feeling Wangzhuan to do 7 things, share with you all wrong, please correct me.

four, bring yourself good. Keep optimistic attitude is very important, because some projects, even if you work hard, there are likely to fail, then do not be discouraged, give yourself a platform, but the project, there must be a new project in the waiting for you……

team is more important or the project is more important. 80% of the investors interviewed will be very sure, "team."!". A recent example is the "instant noodles" failed, three ideal 85 Indoorsman co founded the online education platform "instant noodles", but to get the A round of investment, because the equity allocation problem, because the team between the trust and fall apart, distraught sigh.

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