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, as Jiang Weihang said, did not create any independent business, but before returning, he joined the doctoral tutor, Ms. Zhou Yuanyuan, founded in Silicon Valley’s start-up company Pattern Insight. This is a company that uses systems and data mining to do large-scale code analysis, and Jiang Weihang is one of the early engineers with a certain percentage of options.

in his view, Silicon Valley first means the convergence of the brightest brains. First rate employees A-Player are only willing to work with first-class employees". As Facebook CEO Zuckerberg puts it, "a good engineer is worth 100 ordinary engineers; Facebook’s many acquisitions are often designed to tap the technological genius of these companies.".


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2008, Jiang Weihang, along with Pattern Insight, has been at the bottom of Silicon Valley for ten years. Even Ms. Zhou and her mentor, the United States Academy of Engineering Professor Li Kai in the industry has more abundant resources, entrepreneurship is still difficult, but fortunately in 2009, the state has picked up. For two years, Jiang Weihang, an engineer, had to move out of coding cubicles and take the entrepreneurial stance to take on a series of tedious tasks from sales to customer service.

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‘s experience has made it possible for Jiang Weihang to come in and run a company. It’s more than just exciting". In other experience of the Silicon Valley of Jiang Weihang day after effects of internal entrepreneurship more profound.

, the founder and head of the notes, Jiang Weihang’s work can be taken into the category of "entrepreneurship within an enterprise". In August 1st, there was a second day edition of the new version of the cloud notes, and Jiang Wei told reporters about the experience in the process of internal entrepreneurship.

but the top talent is difficult to mining, is also far from overnight can be acquired. "Silicon Valley stress accumulation, need to experience", Jiang Weihang’s "neighbors", are the chief engineer in six or seven companies in "even take charge as chief of the entrepreneurs, there are a lot of about 50 years old, experienced veteran serial entrepreneur".

platform: find a place where the brightest brains can converge.

for Jiang Weihang, Ding Lei’s role can not be summed up with "big boss"; he prefers to see "friends" who have established diplomatic ties for many years as "senior mentors"".

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compared to Silicon Valley, the accumulation of the domestic Internet industry >


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ethics cloud Notes version before the release of the 2 day morning, working overtime Jiang Weihang received the boss sent Ding Lei micro-blog private letter. "Ding Lei is diving again", Jiang Weihang does not feel strange at all. In his two years in the NetEase, "Ding boss" in the middle of the night, through micro-blog and SMS sent product opinion, has become commonplace.

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