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it’s better to look at a failed story than to look at ten successful stories. The Internet through countless entrepreneurs, groundless talk, Internet startups too many to count into view, some companies with their own innovative ideas, with the rapid development of Internet Accelerator, and the subversion of traditional, created a miracle in the industry. But compared to start the army, is a success, most Internet startups are lost in history, slowly forgotten by people, including some excellent companies once the public good. Today, the Internet business enthusiasm unabated, understanding the failure of the Internet business apocalypse, and success as meaningful.

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today, many Internet startups don’t realize the importance of positioning, for the enterprise, no positioning errors and positioning ahead are not good, only based on their own resources, establish a clear and correct positioning, enterprises will be able to do the right thing, there is a clear direction, like a flywheel as gradually advancing. Otherwise, the wheel of misfortune will sooner or later come to the head of the enterprise.

composite hammer mobile phone positioning high-end design, premium product line feelings, but the sales channels are mainly to the main line, and online users pay more attention to cost, so the contradiction between the main consumer groups focused users with their sales channels. Also directly lead to, in the Internet electricity supplier channels sell 3000 yuan hammer, far from selling 2000 yuan millet opponent, the wrong positioning, resulting in a hammer phone actual conversion rate is low.

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in 1999, has just won the Harvard Business School MBA Tang Haisong created Yitang company, is committed to the retail network, and wireless service creation and the introduction of international advanced level of lifestyle products, the "dream team" consisting of 5 MBA and two MBA of University of Chicago Harvard University. With attractive business plan and the elite team, get two billion around a total of $50 million in financing from two famous Us Venture Capital Firm DFJ, Sevin Rosen. Between one night turned out quickly Yitang network, in the major colleges and universities in the country quickly take cities and seize territory, "burn": in addition to the establishment of a branch in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen three, Yitang also recruit >


No location, location error, location advance no,

2014, the hammer mobile phone has encountered a lot of trouble, not on the goods for product release, product quality and design has been questioned, only to cut prices to clear inventory, the face of Luo Yonghao "price of not less than 2500" propaganda. Fortunately, the hammer got a new round of investment in late 2014 and early 2015, and survived the most difficult times. But looking back on the crisis that almost led to the hammer failure, it is easy to find that the wrong positioning is one of the fundamental problems.

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profit model is fuzzy, blind expansion, "burn money" model tests the fragile capital chain

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