Love Shanghai algorithm adjusted frequently search results convincing

can be seen from several picture above love Shanghai recent data is not normal, this is only my personal opinion, if really normal, then we do the Shanghai dragon staff how to do, do our website are cheating, all right to be reduced. There is a possibility to love Shanghai to update this evening, it led to the current data is not normal, sincerely hope that love Shanghai can quickly update, return to normal state. In this paper, edited by 贵族宝贝geling888贵族宝贝, please indicate the


can be seen by the figure of this site should be a new station, I believe the last love of Shanghai is very strict for a new audit efforts, but the station was more than 2 months, love Shanghai gave it a good ranking below to see Shanghai love Shanghai index of unsecured loans this key. Figure:


can be seen by the figure for the love Shanghai index is more than 100, believe that the competition is still there, but why this site can row in home but also very front.


I believe we all know recently due to the convening of the eighteen meeting, Shanghai will fight very period of love some illegal word of the industry, the loan industry among them, but also can not say that because the industry had hit this site on the home page ah, such a high degree of user experience, users really can benefit the following? Take a look at the overall situation, the site as shown in figure

recently love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, the continuous introduction of a number of related policies, the last one was linked to the sale behavior reminder, selling links will also hit, believe that there are a large number of sites to suffer, in fact, love Shanghai is very good, is to make the Internet changes more clean, more fair. But the sea to the effect of love is really true, before I wrote an article "the breakdown of love Shanghai recently some strange phenomenon", has made me very Speechless, but today I fell in love with the sea in a search for Shanghai: Unsecured loans, also found a website ranking in second. My analysis of this website, can be said to be a new station, the chain of less and less, but the ranking is very good. Above:


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