How to deal with the relationship between web spider

spider hate server instability, spiders are generally along the structure of the site to the depths of climb, if open the page a card a card, or suddenly can not access, certainly not normal spider crawling, jump out is normal. Dead link is the same.

5, don’t love jump on these very sensitive.

say that what

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6, hate need to log in to browse the contents of the website, because it is not registered, so can not see.

4, FLASH, love JS code, because it does not recognize, grab.

spider is about the characteristics, sometimes feel a bit like a spider illiterate, it does not, it will not do, the execution is too poor, but we have to take care of it, to get good rankings and flow, must serve the emperor like a eunuch like it, love what is delivered to its mouth what is love, it is not possible to do.

spider love new things, soft and original articles are especially desirable time every day, regular update several pieces of original or go to A5, Shanghai dragon WHY hair soft, absolute appetite of spiders.

spider hate?1,


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road in Fuzhou released 贵族宝贝fzywzx贵族宝贝 printing, please keep the connection

believes that there are a lot of people have studied the spiders, because our website is to rely on the spider crawling, provided to the search engine, if the spider to climb up on our website is full of grievances after taking the site back then, that believe that search engine has what kind of website is not so general, our website will study the spider’s likes and dislikes, an antidote against the disease, to cater to the spider. Let the spider climb, diligent in our website for more than a few times, many web page features, so as to enhance the ranking. So what spider likes and dislikes

spider hate website structure too many levels, it is going to go out, not too long to respond when the search engine will directly move back, cannot climb from our website.

This paper consists of 77

spider love to the local people, but also to the hard-working, we all know that the weight of the high portal and forum a lot of content is seconds. So in some weight high BBS, blog multiple times outside the chain can improve the spider web site.

spiders don’t love dynamic URL, may cause the spider into the dead cycle.

?The first is that the spider like

2, although no spiders are on and off duty, but it will update the content according to your usual time to determine what time you will have new content website crawling away, so every update the website content as far as possible at the same time.

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