For dry cargo in the face of problem analysis should be to solve the following data analysis


2, set the customer service customer service page: $angle is not set out in high frequency? How professional customer service? How to service occupation attitude? How to data sources and so on


, 2 page relevance perspective: content description and correlation is attractive? Whether the page is not reasonable? Ask the question word jump to other word landing page

2, the dimensions of key words: the keyword, click on the consumer perspective, consulting and booking issues such as how do you analyze? Click on high? You are a user you can click on will make an appointment? The search words you will do

, the first to show the problem analysis

consulting, a dialogue on the amount of problem analysis

address?According to the data analysis of

, 2, & bid angle: matching is what? What kind of words to match what is what you set? Bid is not very low is perhaps the default plan bid? Would check the account settings.

? ?Fourth

2, page & bid analysis: the page is not relevant keywords? Bid is not too high? Ranking is not a focus on qualifying

1, account angle: your account is not just on the line? The material is not just on the line soon? Keywords plan is just on the line soon? From the perspective of

?The analysis of

I do not say these problems! You can find out and solve is a big improvement, the data analysis cannot be downloaded directly on the OK statistics, should identify and solve these problems from the data, proposes some solutions and do.

to see it!

bidding friends every day in the QQ group called SEM for the actual data fluctuation data analysis!!! Many friends do not know how to analyze! Even basic ideas are confused, do not know how to start! As a member of a data analysis of bidding is the kingly way, because the data analysis can solve the problem but the problem is not small SEM, the actual net old Lu for everyone for some data to do the following analysis, we hope to be useful!

second, the key problems of

1, hardware perspective: how the web server is not stable?? page open speed?


3, the other perspective is not being malicious clicks? How to query E and

, 1 words words: how to choose pick angle words word you? Your words are collected from the user point of view the

analysis of 1 words: your words, view what is the word? Your word is not high widely meaningless words?

fifth, high fee without consulting the problem analysis

1, hardware perspective: whether the site open? How to attract people, the content of the website is not

third, website bounce rate problem analysis

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