From the website of love Shanghai snapshot stagnation to ten minutes by combing method

from the start station is used PowerEasy CMS, now is SiteWeaver CMS 6.8, and table form template code page open speed let me headache, the end of September, finally revised the DIV+CSS’s results, as can be imagined at the beginning of October, Shanghai, love stalled snapshots of my website, the most serious when love Shanghai snapshot a week before, also included as can be imagined.

From the revision to now > This is a period of time after the revision of the new

this point, I think it is good to do, because the weight of the original articles are necessary, before the snapshot is not updated, if one generates all the articles, will cause search engines can not recognize the original structure of the website. My approach is to update a week’s article, and added a new template made of columns, all of the articles are original, then every other day is to generate the weights and search volume is not high part of the article, so that the engine has a gradual process of adaptation.


today, after nearly half a month of hard work, finally my website snapshot back, the article can be restored to the included revision before ten minutes (see below)


glad, these days to make friends and share the work station, to sum up experience, improve the level of the two have the same confusion Tongren can inspire a new

I just in the webmaster online hair soft, not in the A5 forum, but after the website to rapidly increase the quality of the chain, I registered A5 forum member in October 10th, half a month to increase the site outside the chain of more than 50, also the jar around the experience, wrote an article the article published in the A5 forum "on their global one week experience sharing", Article 20 the chain this article also brings the.

3. increase the site outside the chain, every day of uninterrupted development speed.

website should be as carefully as a new web fed search engine spiders, so I take the new template, website to add new articles are original, even if it is a collection of articles after some highly original artifacts. By the way I am "original" article source: compressed file, find the suffix.Rar using soso and GG’s blog search function, find a copy function of the website collects the contents in source files.

2., add articles are original or false original height.

1. revision, but not all of a sudden generation of the original article.

increased nearly love Shanghai impression, half a month, every day in the library with a link to love Shanghai issued PDF article three to five, while in Shanghai, know love as well, Douding library 360 carefully left web address. For fear of greater punishment, the increase of the chain has been in constant development.

In fact,

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