True love is not in order to calculate the weight of Shanghai traffic

so popular love Shanghai weights algorithm is actually not true love, Shanghai itself did not launch love Shanghai weight of this argument, just a algorithm of some of his own. Google PR algorithm is very complicated, if there is love Shanghai weight really, will be as complex as the Google PR, not a few people to study it, so love the official Shanghai >


why? The correct understanding we talked about love Shanghai weight have been in front of Shanghai, love the higher the weight, but the long tail word will be ranked in front, and the flow is also higher. But if on the other hand, the higher the flow, love Shanghai more heavy weight, it is not reasonable. I said why not reasonable.

A, a web site if the flow is the long tail word almost no competition, using tools to check its love Shanghai weight will be very high, but the long tail word no competition, said the site of the Shanghai love weight is very high, is obviously not right.

is not for the rookie Shanghai dragon Er, have a heart of love Shanghai weight concept is a website love Shanghai, the higher the weight, but often the long tail word will be ranked in front, and the flow is also higher. But without a clear love Shanghai weight calculation method, love Shanghai itself does not have any information about the weight of love love Shanghai, so Shanghai weight becomes a love can only be sensed parameters. But with the launch of love love Shanghai station weight, the Shanghai dragon tools are to follow suit, the line began to love Shanghai weight query system, but with the heart of the people will have a question, the search accuracy of

2, Shanghai dragon love Shanghai weight query tool.

B, if the long tail word ranking of a website is not too good, in second pages or so, but the competition is very large, with a tool to check his love Shanghai A weight is not high, but it’s not really love Shanghai weight A? Not necessarily! If the long tail word to do B you use A, rank will not be much better than B.

actually has a lot of people summed up the principle of Shanghai dragon tools love Shanghai weight query, that is used to determine the flow through the flow, the higher the love Shanghai weight is high, in fact, I feel that this kind of algorithm is the query results have the order reversed, can only look at it, don’t be too entangled in this.

weight of the word love Shanghai has for a long time, the Shanghai dragon tools also launched this feature, at present Shanghai Shanghai dragon friends love love Shanghai in an effort to improve the weight, but also more attention to love Shanghai weight. But the author found that the Shanghai dragon like tools, love stand and Chinaz love of Shanghai is to determine the weights to flow (see Shanghai love flow determines the size of the weight of the love of Shanghai), I doubt the authenticity and reliability of this method of judging.

The concept of ?The principle of

1, the weight of the love of Shanghai

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