The promotion of creative optimization A B test principle

well, for "English training" in this industry, I summed up the 4 points, so we.

well, here I love Shanghai in the promotion of "English training" in the industry (for example your project will not share, I share the idea), speaking about how to use the A/B test to optimize the creative principle.

1, free audition; 2, foreigner professor teaching; 3, class time is free; — forgive me, I search for the word in Guangdong, see the promotion of creative, really can’t summarize more from selling idea. Okay, I’ll add 1: 4, training courses tailored;

before I wrote two posts, one is about what creativity should be used to show the form of an article is a brief introduction of the A/B test, we are laying the groundwork for this article. If we start with the preferred creative display form, so creative optimization later, is simply nonsense, new ideas, basically no chance; and you want to change into the rotation, face down all kinds of promotion data, according to my observation, basically have 10%-20% decline, loss great. Of course, if your account is relatively large, not enough manpower, busy, can change after a period of time, for optimization. With this optimization, optimization of creative, less to spend a lot of time and energy. For the low budget accounts, small accounts, personal recommendations or another, not only in order to optimize the idea further, but also to track data of different creative transformation.

in the traditional advertising, advertising creative is a very important link, many classic ad copy, catchy, mouth spread by set people thinking. SEM also need to be creative. Many practitioners said the promotion of creativity is very important, on the quality of, click rate will be affected; some people believe that the creative hits, a great relationship with the keywords, bid ranking, as long as not particularly reliable ideas, OK, almost can, it is not the decisive factor. Is the so-called one thousand cook one thousand and sour potato silk, I just talk about the importance of this idea, we first talk about the comparison of interest, is also very practical and creative optimization techniques.

in the SEM process, we determine a promotion of creative quality, basically is decided by the creative hits. Most of our SEM practitioners know that, in the promotion of creative, usually write their own company or product prices, discounts and other advantages, selling information to words in order to attract visitors through a 100. Now we go to Shanghai to see love promotion: 贵族宝贝baidu贵族宝贝/s? Wd=%D3%A2%D3%EF%C5%E0%D1%B5& rsv_bp=0& rsv_spt=3& inputT=2858, "what about the English training industry organizations selling point:

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