The use of Robots and 404 error pages effectively reduce the impact of website correcting

three, set the robots ban grab error page


page made, named 404.htm or other suffix into the root of the site (due to individual virtual space requirements are not the same but a detailed view of space and ask the host), upload complete set custom 404 error page path in the virtual host management panel. Pass up is not finished, there is more important work, that is to test the effectiveness of the 404 error page, many websites provide "HTTP status", enter a page or directory does not exist and then detected, when the return status code of 404 that is effective, if the return status code path does not exist 200 it needs to pay attention, that your settings are invalid or your host custom 404 error page, there is a problem, need to contact the host to resolve. Below is the correct set of 404 error page back status code.


two and 404 error pageThe

in the explanation of this topic, first say 404 error page is how to produce? When the website revision and adjustment, move or delete the previous web directory and web pages, and users and the search engine spiders again access the web path, will find that these pages do not exist, it is often said that the error page. If your site is properly set the 404 error page, check the server logs will find the 404 status code. The original web page number removed, this behavior is not very friendly to visitors and search engines are included into the search engine database page if a large number of disappeared, is very likely to trigger the sandbox and drop right phenomenon.

but in the actual process, to the long-term development of the site, the site adjustment and revision are difficult to avoid. Two the cat recently bought an old domain name to build a skincare website, second days to view the IIS log spider found every day a large number of original grab web page, but the page and the directory does not exist, in order to avoid the domain name into the sandbox and right down, the proposed conditional friend 301 permanent redirect on the wrong directory and the page, and I was adopted 404 error page to reduce the impact of the new website:

produced 404 pages in the striking position to indicate the "access to the page no longer exists, you can return to the × × × Web page to browse what you need, and home address in this section shows that adding a link to guide users, one can reduce the loss of users, on the other hand can the search engine spiders and dialogue, tell the spider this is a wrong address. Many friends will be 404 error page Jump to the home page, two old to assume that this is the risk of undesirable, search engines will be mistaken for cheating in home page right down.

, a 404 error page

for the new site of a perfect function and friendly, 4>

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