Three factors affect the ranking of Shanghai Dragon

site structure: This includes the title setting, in fact, as long as you don’t stack keywords, avoid cheating, and write their own characteristics and theme, it’s a very good title, the general theme will be on the titl>

web content: there are 2 points, one point is to have a good grasp of the frequency of updates, quality and relevance is another content, a frequency of updates also belong to work every day, to update the content according to the amount of time, can be a fixed time, website content quantity cannot be updated each time difference if the difference is too large, too large, it is easy to let the search engine that you are cheating, optimization done deliberately, if you want a lot of publication time, must be done step by step, just do it, don’t hesitate. When looking for news always love Shanghai, but some enterprises stand news more and more easy to find, you can look into the blog, fell in love with the sea blog search, in the noble baby also has blog search, then search words, there will be many more new blogs, these are basically a day in the form of waiting for the collection, a good way is the content acquisition, but this way is that we can better understand the updated content, also can learn

: on the site outside the chain chain, we often go to the forum, such as the A5 forum, Chinaz forum, and recently received the influence ranking Shanghai dragon why, and im286, etc. we are familiar with the properties of the tui18 webmaster Marketing Forum, these are our place, we try to control the number of the forum, every day, to send the number of posts, as well as the use of the chain in the blog, the blog is a very stable resources, slowly raise the blog is also one of the best ways to build our blog in the most commonly used several blogs, then every day, hand more new blog, can do the station the links, you will found that the website weight increased, this is the easiest way to consistent do, but also do well, the simplest way is to achieve the ultimate a trick. But on Links, when the sites have a certain collection and snapshot should go to Links, Links has a certain significance to improve website ranking, at least for the love of Shanghai is the case, you can see many websites have Links support forum, if you start looking for Links words you can only find new sites, but your station is dynamic, and now many new sites are updated strength is not strong, may not be on your schedule, so my advice is when your station has a certain weight and initiative.

Shanghai Longfeng, in fact about Shanghai Longfeng factors, there are three categories, one is the structure of the site, one is the content of the website, the chain is a kind of website, the chain site is the most important factor is the external factors, and the content of the website is full these are, we optimize the site most than many parts.

Ranking factors influence

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