Tittle the first operation of the site optimization

whether novice or veteran, will know Shanghai Longfeng optimization, tittle occupies a pivotal position. And always in tittle big fuss. After all, a good tittle can get a strong thrust of keywords ranking. Then the author will summarize several details should be vigilant in tittle Optimization:

three, the title must control word


corresponding to the above second points, keywords, also easy to cause the word is too long. When we look at the love for Shanghai Shanghai dragon guide or look at the love Shanghai statistics page inside Shanghai Longfeng suggestions, we find that they are related, the number of control keywords, will also hold the title of the words. The title in the search results page, if too many words, easy to cause the display is not complete, the end will be replaced by "…" this symbol, seriously affect the user experience.


two, the title should not contain too many keywords

some people love to eye-catching title or some features to tittle nested java script code. Everyone knows java script code for spider’s performance is not good. In this code is easy to let the spider can not find tittle text, which became a nameless title.

many people still use the old method of writing the title, but I do not know, the search engine algorithm does not advocate this approach. Some people are using it in the title of key words accumulation of cheating, the search engine algorithm has been changed, the pursuit of the simple title. For example, one or two keywords + site name. This is now writing the title, the type of search engine of love. There is a saying, too many keywords, easy to spread the weight given keywords. It is very easy to cause us to guess, imagine a search engine to give the weight of the site is under certain circumstances, the title of the key words more, will share more loose weight. While this statement has not been confirmed, but it is not unreasonable to say.

four, all of the titles do not repeat

search engine algorithm has been changed, we should grasp the latest information, don’t take advantage.

, a title not nested java script code

before optimization, a colleague told me that he didn’t know how to express the title, simply write the same. At that time I said, would rather empty and don’t write the same title. This will not only cause the competition between page and page, it will cause the search engine confused, do not know which page is the site’s home page, but also in weight is also very easy to confuse, more serious is to be punished. However, we now look at the corporate website, is not the most pages are written as the name of the title, this is very wrong, it must remember.

In fact, this also can be

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