The quality of the site of the Shanghai dragon strategy based on

1. website

but what is the "content is king"? In fact, is not able to produce content, you can get success. For the current network, the content is obviously surplus rather than scarcity. "Content is king" is to take the most appropriate content to provide as much as possible to those who need it most, especially the original content. This is not only a guarantee of the quality of the site, it is also one of the difficulties of the Shanghai dragon.

(3) page writing. To determine the content, specific writing, attention as much as possible to stand in the position of the user, the website provides around the theme of that product or service advantage. At the same time to provide more related products or services or information surrounding the authoritative website links. The writing of the text should be smooth and natural, do not need to stack keywords, but can appear in the beginning of the text keywords. The text is completed, you can add in the top of the page, it actually has nothing to do with the search engine, but can help the user to confirm whether they entered the correct page.

(2) according to the actual situation of website content planning. As everyone knows, the original popular search engine content. But for the majority of small sites, does not have the strength and there is no need to invest too much in this respect. Therefore, the original and unique will be reflected through service. Use one or two words concisely introduces website exclusive services, such as discounts, buy gifts, all competitors do not have unique ideas. In addition, if the electronic commerce website, then on the site to increase user comment function is a good choice. This is not only to mobilize the enthusiasm of the users, while bringing more original website

(1) clear theme and target site. The subject is a core expression of things, everything will start on. The target is a website direction. Only a clear theme and target, the content of the website construction is based on.



content is king, this is for Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are not strange.

(1) site physical structure and logical structure. The structure of the physical structure of the website that decides the directory and file storage location of the site. For the selection of flat type structure of small web site files less, more convenient maintenance. And the tree structure clear logic, suitable for large and medium-sized website. The website is a logical structure >


website structure optimizationThe

structure of the website is a website basic things, based on adjusting and optimizing the structure of the site is Shanghai dragon. Generally speaking, website optimization purposes: first, to improve the user experience, so as to improve the website hits; second, to the search engine of the website included, so as to improve the ranking. A good website structure should consider the following factors:

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