Shanghai Longfeng optimization more keywords ranking optimization details introduce Shanghai home of

is his favorite, natural, easy memory. Once bought two Business Hours, if not cost correctly the first year is 49 yuan, renew a year is 60 yuan. Using the DNS analysis of business Chinese (if not correctly). To say that the choice of servers, choose the IDC service provider in Xi’an a local, not contacted before the IDC, is a recommendation of a friend said that the service is very good, I did not think too much, just at that time and I have worked with a IDC to do a simple than on the price is not too high, and.

I consider, at that time and the IDC to do a simple communication, in two weeks time, directly fix the virtual machine, go to their company to do a record data preparation. From the use of nearly two months, overall very good. During the period, there have been two times to solve the problem of downtime, fairly and timely, acceptable range.

2011 08 month 06 days, the morning is not too early, six dozen had climbed up, switching on the computer, ready to look at some new over the list of keywords ranking is not changed. Surprised to find that the "Xi’an Shanghai dragon vividly" appeared in Shanghai love home eighth position, joy, calm down and review it slightly less than two months work.

first, said that under the domain name and server selection problem

The domain name the problem of making the content of the article

mentioned above the energy problem, this is the result of the original content proportion is greatly reduced. Admittedly, the original content of this station are numbered, included although reached my original hundred and fifty or sixty, but the impression should be less than sixty. Most Internet news and some belong to the Shanghai dragon industry predecessors experience (learned a lot of valuable Shanghai Dragon Technology). According to their own contact with the Shanghai Dragon technology also conducted some of the.

Is the problem of the stability of

then introduced Title writing and keyword selection of


Title I have modified it five times, of course, the changes are based on the core keywords determine some relevant keywords adjustment. For example, the word "Shanghai dragon" is the core of the other, such as the regional words are some changes and adjustments to do around the word. In fact, the selection of key words? I didn’t do too much to consider, because the usual job of this station is not a lot of effort, simply select the keywords you want to do some words of peace, love often at the bottom of the Shanghai search directly put on, and some are some popular keywords closely related to the internet. I will continue to do the adjustment and analysis of key words, after all is worth from many aspects to consider. The selection and subsequent analysis will be the key data in detail.

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