The data analysis of Shanghai Longfeng several factors must be noted

1. website weight

2. pr


through the analysis of a snapshot of our website, can determine the search engine on the web crawling and crawling times, this can be seen through the love of Shanghai crawl log, but we can also be judged easily by the snapshot update frequency, save analysis time for web traffic, we can according to the flow change, such as page flow, list page flow and terminal page flow determine which page we rank in rising, which sets the page where there are some problems, we can directly find the primary and secondary, targeted to examine on the site.

6. has no ranking

website snapshot

5. site traffic

The chain included

above is just for some foreshadowing, data analysis as a webmaster, we should first consider the needs of the user what kind of content, we need to pay attention to the following three aspects:



before the data analysis, we have to first understand the website is the following conditions:


for each stationmaster, Shanghai Phoenix are a necessary knowledge or can be said to be a concept, a ranking is Shanghai dragon’s existence, no matter the future of Shanghai dragon in what form of transformation, and in many areas of Shanghai dragon in the analysis of data was also one of the most part importantly, a good grasp of this link, so that we can have a more comprehensive understanding of their own website, so data analysis need to pay attention to what.

1. users to search what kind of words, users need what kind of page

if the website data analysis is a dish, then several elements of this dish is more than the necessary materials, we can through the website of the time domain name and weight related PR value judge the friendly search engine on the web, if there are a few years website weight is zero, no ranking, this the situation must be love Shanghai in the sandbox, the closing time usually lasts for more than a year, as is the case of a four year site before I contact, a good way is through the space and domain name changes on the site, a 301 jump to help us get a better ranking website.

time domain existence

4. web pages indexed by

website ranking is very important, because most of our work is on the ranking and flow, flow level and the size of the website ranking is proportional to, there are many ways to improve website ranking, here, we need to do is what method can help us get a better ranking website then, whether we can apply this method to extend operation.

8. site type

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