See from the website search sandbox preexistence

soso search is the Tencent’s search engine, although long established time, invested a lot, but the situation has been very awkward, not only can not catch up with Sogou search, it is even 360 search easily over; of course, for our webmaster, still don’t ignore soso search optimization, and then a small search engine may bring traffic for us, even more than a dozen IP every day also worth fighting, there is no need of indifference.

this time I have been revised in small amplitude, after repeated revision, the website has finally entered the soso sandbox, no longer get traffic from soso; a blessing in disguise, this time the site into the soso sandbox really made me realize that soso sandbox preexistence, so that next time to enter the SOSO sandbox. Following is a brief introduction of the related knowledge of soso sandbox, hoped to enlighten the webmaster, perhaps you can avoid making the same mistakes.

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If soso sandbox reason

soso sandbox symptoms

compared to the love Shanghai sandbox, soso sandbox style will be more obvious, there are two main features: a feature is not flow, a feature is search web site directly in the search engine, it will directly prompted to find the URL, actually if you site the specified web site will still see the corresponding collection the.

simple, after the site into the sandbox soso, not like the love that Shanghai sandbox seldom included, after entering the soso sandbox, your website is still normal, mainly because soso has a search function, search to normal use, nature is included the more the better, soso included "is usually the most peer search engine. If you are prepared to increase the website, search function, and hope the search is relatively stable, soso would be a good choice.

is a website cheating or what, actually may not enter the soso sandbox, soso may direct K station, which is why often have said SOSO K station what, actually is because of cheating; in contrast, love Shanghai on the punishment for cheating is not so direct, you cheat, like a lot of increase the chain, may let you enter the sandbox, so you do not have to flow, not directly K off you. Maybe this is love Shanghai, soso rules between different.

soso temper no love Shanghai so elusive, love Shanghai to punish you, not only you don’t know what happened, even the master Shanghai Longfeng will feel rather baffling in comparison, soso; sandbox is relatively more obvious, mainly because the website structure or content changes, it will be easier to enter the SOSO sandbox. Whether you are a website revision, like the page structure revision; or because the content of the website title link what changes are likely to enter the SOSO sandbox.

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