The combination of internal and external let love Shanghai every day to update your website snapshot

two, on the front page of the press in a store, dedicated to the article, this article can be part of your company’s news, also can be the industry news or technical support, but there is a need to remember, this part of every day to update, and the quality of some of the best article. Original, can not find the original is false original or daily amount can not be too much to a few dozen articles can be, the best is regularly updated every day.

three, external update is to drive your site updated by other weight high website, do good, no external support, the site is not high weight, only get external recognition, your website is the quality of the site, there are many methods of external updates, and the true not much useful, to introduce below.

, a train, is from the site itself to start, the first thing to do is index.htm or index.asp home page, page title, remember: higher than our normal education the importance of the title, that is < meta; name=" Keywords" content=" Baidu after the words "change and update for many years, will be long this method of desalination, you are in the description of Riga more words are useless, Baidu will give you ignore, important is the title, is < Title /title> this part of the title in 28 characters, it is best not to what the company name as a title, you should put your promotion the product is placed in the front of the title to promote.

four, increase the reverse link site, especially the outer link weight high site, outside the chain of Baidu is not so easy as noble baby, requirements are relatively high, we can use the common Links to increase external links, it is best to find the same website for each other, if not coherent with their industry. It is not too big, "

we are more concerned about the topic, the update site, on the site keywords ranking is helpful, so this is the webmaster to long-term observation and direction. But for many webmaster speaking, this is a very simple question, because they have been included and site visits, the update is not a problem, but for ordinary enterprise website really, especially small website, want to let the spider every day to update the website, it is a slow process of long effort to complete.

many small sites, the site are aspiring, but a few months a few years after the website has not been updated spiders, and finally had to give up, this situation is very common, how to make the site up back, full of vitality, let the real website to profit! In fact the method is very simple, is to update, long-term you don’t have the quality of the update, update your website, baidu also won’t update you, you ignore him, he does not care about you, this webmaster must remember.

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