How to make Shanghai Longfeng keywords good ranking optimization

is not stack keywords keywords layout. Many novice in Shanghai dragon started the Shanghai dragon love stack keywords, put some pages filled with key words to do, this is affecting the user experience, but also will spider keyword density judgment exceeds a certain keyword page may not get good rankings.

fourth points, to fine tune keywords. The market is constantly changing, the keywords of a page is not immutable and frozen. For example, the medical industry before you can make industry words, but later, "

layout is one of the core technologies in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking, is very effective and rewarding Shanghai dragon technology. For example, keywords layout technology is the most common "around a word", that is to say to your target keywords placed in the "title" "description" "keyword" "body", as long as the keyword appears in the 4 place, many keyword ranking went up. On the other hand, if your target keywords cannot appear in these 4 places, such as your keywords in the title just appeared, but the description and content are not appear, but may be the spider discrimination as cheating, and can not upgrade the keyword ranking.

in the actual operation, in addition to speed, but also the pursuit of stability. We are not anxious and forget the spider tolerance. If you operate too fast, may be closer to the sandbox spider.

third points, keywords ranking practice. Keywords competition degree is actually a lot of time to hands-on experience, if you do not personally operation can’t realize the keywords ranking the degree of difficulty, and sometimes the market will change, so once you choose the right keywords, you should work hard to practice, and strive in the shortest possible time within the keywords the rankings do go up.

is the so-called choice is sometimes more important than the effort, can make good positioning of keywords is the basic skills to the Shanghai dragon. In the selection of target words, after my 8 years of experience in Shanghai dragon, feel the choice is the key words of "two high and one low". "Two high and one low" refers to the high search volume (index), high value and low degree of competition. In practice, we can use some Adsense tools and love Shanghai index tools to mining, and then select a keyword with "two high and one low" standard, the words do not conform to the standard placed in the content page or column page.

second points, is the target keywords layout.


first, is to choose a good target keywords.


Shanghai dragon important task is to optimize the keywords ranking do go up, especially for the small business station, may affect the core business may have some core words, so how to make up words is very important, so how to optimize the key word for the rankings, I think there are several key:

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