Keywords positioning The owners have their own routines

again, to fully understand the key size conversion rate is good.


webmaster to give website optimization is through the search engine to obtain user traffic, so that we will choose keywords to the site around this position, I believe we all know, many users search keywords, there are many forms, and that only.

for a new web site, the first owners need to have a general understanding and analysis of his own website, understand the industry website where the advantages and disadvantages in? And then according to the website may appear in the target population to develop key words, of course, this seemingly deserved not truth every webmaster attention. So, for the new website, we must understand and set the keywords and the difficulty of the goal, to optimize the search keyword index less, so as to identify their own development orientation, and further excavate the long tail keywords. For example, fish website is jade class website, the main product is the product of some jade and its derivatives, the positioning of keywords if directly positioning the keyword "jade", competition is very large, if coupled with areas such as "Changchun jade", the key words in the search engine included in this proportion is very small, competition the difficulty will be relatively small.

as the starting small website, advise the novice webmaster, not a small broad, step by step, there will always be a day of harvest.

second, understand the relevant industry and the same index keywords industry website features

when we took over the station for a new website, if there is no clear objective and correct positioning of the site, we do not know the site for the target group in which, what is it really worth promoting? It will make us in the days after the optimization of the road more walk more far astray. A webmaster to join and maintain their own web site without a good location, the site will be started yet has ended. The rookie webmaster to fish and all the new website about how to do the rookie webmaster website keywords positioning! How to steadily improve the website? What is the core problem to consider the site location of

first, we should take into account the keywords competition degree of difficulty.

to locate the industry keywords, needs the webmaster have their own routines, each station in the optimization of the road is the longest road search routine, so we do not indulge in the routine, to have one of their own direction and positioning method is the most simple to find the same industry do good website, optimize their contrast, look at these sites do what words, these words are in what way do anchor text or URL, etc.. At the same time, the webmaster can also use Adsense tools to analyze the weights of the site and included, whether can the resources we use, it can not only analyze these keywords can be found in some of the more reliable resources and information.

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